Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Cancer In The Republicant Party

     There is a cancer that has grown strong in the Republicant party. It has metastasized and transformed the healthy body of rigorous opposition into a weak and sickly patient that can not feed itself. The source of the cancer is the uncontested false charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry and mean-spiritedness. It causes members of the infected body to run like scared little rabbits into the weeds of  acquiescence and acceptance. The cancer has infected parts of the body to such a great degree that they have attacked healthier and more principled parts of the body.
     The current residence of the cancer growing in the Republicant party is in the debate over whether or not to risk a government shutdown over defunding ObamaCare in the continuing resolution at the end of September. I have even heard radio talk show host and alleged Conservative, Michael Medved, say that we should never stand on principle unless we are sure we can win. Using that flawed and ridiculous thinking, the American revolution would have never been fought. Standing on principle only when one thinks he can win, as Mr. Medved suggests, is not standing on principle at all unless your principle is the shallow goal of always winning.    
     The argument of the "we are going to get blamed for something bad if we stand on principle" crowd would have us believe that because the Democrats and the Left own the main stream media, they own the debate. If that is the case, the Republicant members of the House and the Senate should not even bother showing up for votes anymore. The cancerous crowd in the Republicant party think that since the party is lousy at messaging, they should never make a stand based on principle for fear of not having Democrats agree and subsequently being pummeled in the media.
     I do not even buy the cancer crowd's theory that because of a powerful media, bought and paid for by the Democrats, that Republicants can never make their case. Obviously Ronald Reagan was able to overcome the Left-leaning media by speaking directly to the people and articulating Conservatism. Even before he was President, he was able to accomplish this herculean, but none the less attainable feat. Otherwise he would have never been elected President.
     The Republicants have never been in a better position to make their case to the American people as they are on the defunding of ObamaCare. A majority of the American people want the law repealed and have seen the impending disaster of its full implementation if it is not stopped now. Even the President seems to be handing the Republicants a gift of his support by admitting the failure of the new law with his selective delaying of one of its largest parts, i.e., the employer mandate. But even with the position of strength that the Republicants seemingly have on this issue, the cancer crowd wants to surrender their principles and the liberty of the nation before the battle has even begun.
     Yes, there is a cancer growing in the Republicant party and its name is defeatism. It overwhelms principle with fear, action with acquiescence and courage with capitulation. But it is not only the Republicant party that has and will suffer from this growing cancer, but all freedom-loving people in this great nation. And to a larger extent, without vigilant and rigorous defense against the forces of tyranny, the cause of freedom and true justice will also be made weak by the growing tumor of Leftism that has attached itself to the healthy body of constitutional government that makes liberty possible.  

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