Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Russian Bear Kicks American Eagle Feathered Butt

     Almost from the moment that Barack Obama was declared President of the United States after the 2008 general election, he has been Vladimir Putin's political paramour. The affair between the U.S. President and the Russian Prime Minister has been the stuff of fairy tales, culminating in the transformation of the most powerful office in the free world into an outpost for Russian foreign policy. So much of the Obama foreign policy is aligned with that of Vladimir Putin, that one would be hard pressed to find many areas on which they disagree.
     First, there was the way in which Barack Obama went back on the word of the U.S. government to provide radar installations in the Czech republic and missile defense in Poland, two former allies of the U.S. But betraying allies like Czechoslovakia and Poland was a fair trade-off in the mind of President Obama for keeping the Russian bear happy with the United States. The radar installations and missile defense were and are essential to the safety of our allies in the region against an ever-growing threat from a nuclear-tipped Iran.
     And of course who could forget the way in which President Obama has lead from behind with regards to the Russian proxies in Iran and by extension, Syria. The President's non-support of the 2009 Green Movement in Iran to overthrow their oppressive government could not have been scripted better by Vladimir himself. And President Obama's complete lack of leadership on Bashar Al Assad's murder of over 100,000 of his fellow Syrians, and the willingness now of Mr. Obama to arm the terrorists who have co-opted the rebel cause, are the stuff of dreams for an old KGB man like Mr. Putin.
     Could anyone forget the way in which Mr. Obama told Russian President Medveded  in 2012, before the election, that he would have more flexibility to reduce America's nuclear arsenal after he was safely re-elected? Who could forget the Rocky and Bullwinkle-like way in which President Medveded said he would "transmit the message to Vladimir?" One could almost hear the men turning over in their graves who died fighting Communist aggression in Korea during the early 1950s and in Vietnam in the 1960s, over the prospect of an American President bending to the will of his Russian masters.
     The latest dismissal of respect that should be afforded to the presidency of the United States by the Russian government, is the granting of NSA leaker and fugitive from justice, Edward Snowden, temporary political asylum. The drum that the Left beat daily during the eight year term of President George W. Bush was that his cowboy antics had lost respect for the United States with countries around the world. But it appears that our allies trust us less and our enemies mock us more under the Obama regime.
     And of course none of this disrespect for the United States troubles Barack Obama, to the contrary, he encourages it as part of his plan to reduce American influence around the world which he and his band of misfit democrats see as the cause of all the strife throughout modern history. It is late in the fight, and the Russian bear has badly damaged the American eagle in the fight for freedom and decency around the world. And the question that is salient is whether or not the eagle can withstand the punishing blows from the bear until there is strong American leadership once again in his corner.

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