Saturday, August 24, 2013

Who Is Really To Blame For ObamaCare?

     In every poll since its passage in 2010, the vast majority of Americans do not like ObamaCare and want it repealed. But the onerous and despicable beast known as The Affordable Care Act was not only breathed to life by power-hungry Leftists in and out of our government, but by the unwillingness of the American people to be responsible for their own health care costs. This slide into the abyss of paycheck-sucking health insurance premiums and health care rationing has been happening for decades. One of the most dangerous and dastardly effects of Leftist ideology on the American culture is the voluntary transference of individual priorities and responsibilities to someone else. And now that that someone else is in the process of being regulated out of business, we will all be required to live at the mercy of the centralized government that did the dirty deed.
     What has caused government-run health care to get a foothold in this country is not Obama. Nor is it even an intimidated, politically correct Supreme Court. What has lead us to the brink of health care disaster is the fact that Americans have become so inculcated with a sense of entitlement with regards to their health care that they scream bloody murder at the prospect of having to pay five thousand dollars for a medical procedure to correct a health problem, but think nothing of paying twenty thousand dollars for a new automobile. Americans will not spend three or four hundred dollars a month for health insurance to protect them from a health care catastrophe, but they will spend that much or more for cable or satellite television and smart phone service for the entire family. Americans have become so dependent on third parties for their health care expenses that they refuse to spend a hundred dollars on a prescription drug that will help them alleviate a health issue, but they will spend on average three thousand dollars a year eating out or ordering take-out food. Americans will complain vociferously if they have to spend their money on a wheelchair, walker or other medical appliance, but see nothing wrong with spending thousands of dollars every year on lottery tickets or at the local casino.
     Americans will spend decades over indulging in tobacco products, alcohol and fatty foods and then expect someone else to pay for their coronary problems and diabetes resulting from their self imposed obesity. They will refuse to exercise, instead choosing to spend thousands of hours plunked down in front of the TV watching the sewage that is spewed out from the filthy orifices of the Hollywood elite, and then expect their neighbor to cover the cost of a heart attack brought on by having to lift their fat butt off the sofa to get some more ice cream and potato chips.
     We have stood silently by as medical costs rose, because after all, we did not have to pay for it. We let ourselves be talked into perceiving health care as a right instead of our own personal responsibility. We allowed government to convince us that it was compassionate to make the elderly and poor more dependent on taxpayer dollars for their health care, thinking that we would not have to pay for ours when we grew old. The statists in government offered to shoulder our health care responsibilities if we only signed over the deed to liberty's soul, which we did without regard for those who spilled their precious blood in payment for that liberty. Yes, my friends, it is we the people who have allowed the barbarians of the left to crash through the gates of our liberty and bring us to the age of a new tyranny.

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