Friday, August 9, 2013

It Is Not About Barack Obama

    In a time when hurricane Barack has been making every attempt to capsize liberty's small craft. And with an entire administration that is embroiled in more scandal than the last dozen or so Presidents combined. And with the leader of the free world, who took an oath to uphold the law of the land, now scoffing at said law and refusing to follow it when it is inconvenient to his schemes of a Leftist utopia. I have determined that it is a mistake for Conservatives to focus all their ideological energy on Barack Obama, even though he is currently the purveyor of the sort of tyranny that rips at the soft tissue surrounding the heart of liberty.
     The truth is that over the last 40 years, even though the United States has remained committed to the republican values upon which it was founded, at least in the hearts and minds of a majority of its citizens, the unconstitutional bureaucracies which govern those people, have taken a deep plunge into the black hole of Leftism. The results of this diseased thinking of Leftist governing is destruction.
     When I was a child, before government control of the health care industry was rooted very deeply, the average family could afford to pay for minor surgeries and medical procedures out of pocket. And they certainly could afford to pay for their own doctors' visits and prescription drugs. The more that government reached into the doctor/patient relationship with its tentacles of "benefits" for the few, the more costly health care became for everyone. And the destructive solution of Leftists to solve the nation's health care troubles caused mainly by too much government was even more government.
     The destructive nature of Leftist policies that has occurred in health care has been replicated in many other areas of American life, including but not limited to, education, energy and transportation. And the burden for these excursions into the failure that is Leftism is being borne by fewer and fewer of the citizens of this great nation. When I was a teenager, the top wage earners in this country shouldered 20% of the total tax burden, today those same wage earners shoulder 40% of the total tax burden. The increasing segment of the population that is being supported by an ever-shrinking segment of the population is illustrative of the diseased thought process of Leftist policies. It is a thought process that venerates parasitical behavior over industrious behavior and then demonizes the very industry of those who pay the bills racked up by the failed policies of Leftism.
     I know it is very tempting as freedom-loving Americans to focus our attention on the current source of tyranny in the White House. But the growth of government that has lead to the bureaucratic state that President Obama now leads, began long before he was even born. There is no greater threat to the liberty born of the founders' efforts than anything less than a rigorous opposition to the contrarian nature to that liberty posed by Leftism. Liberty has not been eaten alive by Barack Obama, but had been left unprotected and half-dead in the waste land of tyranny for decades by those who should be defenders of it. And the Leftist vultures like Mr. Obama have survived on the stinking carcass of what was once a proud, strong and free ideal that created the greatest nation in all of human history.   

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