Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Free Market Is Only Alternative To ObamaCare

     Over the weekend, in his radio address to the nation, Barack Obama cavalierly called health care a right. His and other Leftists proclivity to elevate commodities to the level of Constitutional rights is breathtaking in its lack of respect for individual liberty. It has always made me scratch my head in confusion when the main stream media, and others who belong to the Leftist Industrial Complex, refer to Barack Obama as a Constitutional lawyer and scholar. He guest lectured at Harvard on how to use Saul Alinsky tactics, as outlined in Rules For Radicals, in order to enact and impose "social justice."  And his actions since becoming President in January 2009 have been anything but Constitutional-friendly.
     When it comes to the original intent of the Constitution, i.e., limiting the size and scope of government to protecting the God-given natural rights of citizens, Barack Obama has an understanding analogous to that of a two year old child trying to understand algebra. The President does seem to understand that, as Abraham Lincoln said, "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you have." And using the power of government to confiscate individual liberty in favor of collective responsibility is something that Barack Obama, or any other Leftist for that matter, has no qualms about doing.
     With regards to government-run health care, even the usual supporters of Leftist policies, comprised of people who want something for nothing, realize that it has been proven to be a failure every where it has ever been implemented. But further than that, the more responsibility government takes for the lives of individuals, the less liberty remains for those people to enjoy their natural rights given to them by God. In other words, individual responsibility can not be shifted to government without also shifting a certain amount of individual liberty as well.
     It is understandable that Leftists like Barack Obama try to limit freedom and grow government, the absolute antitheses of the Constitution. But I do not understand people like Newt Gingrich, who use to be the standard bearer for conservatism, but now seems ready to throw the founders overboard on the idea of health care. Mr. Gingrich recently stated that Republicants need to proffer their own version of government-run health care, and not just oppose ObamaCare. What Mr. Gingrich is suggesting is a sort of ObamaCare-lite, government expansion and interference in a private sector industry under the banner of conservatism. The real solution to our nation's health care woes is not an alternative to ObamaCare, as Mr. Gingrich suggests, but a moratorium on government involvement and control at all.
     For alleged conservatives like Newt Gingrich to support a Republicant version of health care reform, is illustrative of the ideological corruption that has occurred in this country, not only on the Left, but on the right as well. It suggests, in complete contradiction to the constitution, that government can and must create rights out of commodities like health care. The founders knew that once government stepped into God's realm of bestowing rights upon free people, it would lead to tyranny and oppression, no matter how well-intentioned that government may claim to be The founders further realized that individuals working in a free and open market created the best backdrop for the majority of citizens to thrive and prosper. And this free market backdrop builds the best and most affordable commodities for everyone, whether those commodities are smart phones, dry cleaning or health care.


  1. Wrong is wrong, and an alternative to wrong is, yup you guessed it, IT'S STILL WRONG. I think you hit the nail on the head Damon.