Friday, August 2, 2013

The Invisible President

     The Invisible President is once again crossing the country spreading his political toxic waste disguised as an economic plan. The same plan he sold as "new" during the 2008 presidential campaign, during his first months in office, after the "summer of recovery" turned out to be a bust, during the 2012 presidential campaign and throughout the economic turmoil caused by his policies. President Obama's new idea in economics is the same worn old Leftist plan of confiscating wealth from those who have it and using it to grow the size of the federal government through more and more regulatory bodies. The programs that Leftist politicians impose on American liberty have never even come close to achieving their stated goals of leveling playing fields, attaining economic equality (whatever that means or why it is a good idea in a free economy), creating racial justice or the myriad other schemes that are used to sell oppressive government policies to voters.
     Even after having witnessed the stupidity of so many low-information voters in America, I am still flummoxed by the ability of people to believe Mr. Obama, when his policies have failed so spectacularly. The Obama presidency has been the longest period in post-World War II America that economic growth has stayed below two percent, causing the work force participation rate to one of its all time lowest levels. Nine million fewer people are working today than when the Invisible President took office, and a recent study found that eighty percent of Americans will struggle with joblessness and poverty in their lifetimes. Added to the over 12% of Americans on food stamps (double what it was at the end of the George W. Bush administration) the data paints a picture of an economy on the verge of collapse.
     Now that the federal government has taken control of the 17% of the private economy that was once the best health care business in the world, and has all but nationalized the banking industry with Dodd/Frank, the Leftists have achieved a coup without firing a shot. The President has done all this while never saying why his ideas are good, but only characterizing his political opponents ideas are mean-spirited and selfish. A case in point is the tired old line that Barack Obama and others on the Left trot out like a broken down old race horse whose owner thinks he has one more race left in him, the idea that the President's political opponents on the Right want an "On Your Own Economy."
     Well speaking for myself as an American and a believer in the founding principles of this great nation, I say, "Hell yeah we want an on your own economy." The men and women who fought a revolution and spilled so much blood, did it for the expressed purpose of creating a country where people were free to reap the rewards of success or use the occasion of failure as a stepping stone to success, all with limited government interference. They did not pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the cause of liberty so that someone, who has never accomplished anything in the private economy, could create a collective out of the great nation that their ideas and values brought to life.
    President Obama's statement shortly after he was elected in 2008 that no one succeeds unless everyone succeeds is not only juvenile in its formulation, but dangerous for the kind of oppressive government that is required to bring it to fruition. The kind of society that Mr. Obama intends on creating is one in which government plays a prominent role in the lives of each citizen, and success is measured by government dependence. It is a society where the reigns of government restrain the engine of freedom and prosperity and personal liberty is buried by the mountain of collective misery created by bureaucrats and power-hungry politicians. The outcome of the Invisible President is the very visible destruction of the founding principles of the greatest nation in the history of man.

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