Friday, August 16, 2013

The Drive-By President And The Transformation Of The Arab Spring Into The Arab Bloodbath

     This week, the Egyptian military started shooting Mohamed Morsi supporters who were protesting the coup-like way in which he was removed from office after having been democratically elected by the Egyptian people. I am in no way a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood or their former leader and recent Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi. The real impetus for the current massacre in Egypt, which most likely will not end with the current 500 plus dead, was the Obama doctrine of meddle-stir-disappear. And while the drive-by President continues his never-ending vacation that began in January of 2009 and has at various times been interrupted by the burdensome duties of his office, he has made his position on Egypt as clear as an eight year old boy trying to tell his father how he did not break the garage window with his baseball.
     President Obama's audio statement today, Thursday August 15,2013, on the Egyptian massacre (I guess it was too much trouble to put on a sport coat and tie for a video statement) was spectacular in its ineptness and lack of understanding. Mr. Obama did avoid characterizing the removal of his strong horse, Morsi, as a coup, which would have meant an immediate suspension of the 1.3 billion dollars in U.S. aid that is given to the Egyptian government every year, whoever they are.
     In his statement, the President called Egypt a beacon of peace in the past, but it was he himself who facilitated the ouster of the man who was keeping that peace, Hosni Mubarak. And after the American ally was removed as Egypt's leader, Mr. Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate to fill his position. When Mohamed Morsi was removed by the Egyptian military in a coup six weeks ago, President Obama justified their actions by saying Morsi was not responsive to the voices and needs of his people (Remind you of anyone we know?). Now the ever-fickle President seems to be distancing himself, with strong admonitions, from the Egyptian military. Never has one man been so wrong, so many times on the same issue as Barack Obama on Egypt in the last two and half years.
     While I am not a big fan of military take-overs of countries in general, the only alternative in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood. With the growing strength of radical Islam in the Middle East, and spreading throughout the world, allowing the grandfather organization to all Islamic terrorist groups, to control a country of 85 million people in the Middle East would be disastrous, not only for the Egyptian people but for the cause of peace and decency throughout the world. This is a time for strong U.S. leadership in the world, but Barack Obama's shallow and limited habit of seeing world events strictly in political terms precludes him from providing the moral certitude needed to confront evil where it exists, support allies of liberty in their struggle against the forces of tyranny and provide the necessary example of leadership, founded on principle, tempered with decency and fueled by the strength of conviction.

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