Monday, August 5, 2013

Embassy Closings A Sign Of U.S. Weakness

     Over the weekend, the Obama administration announced the closures of some embassies in North Africa and the Middle East until Saturday because of credible threats of terrorism uncovered by intelligence sources. The necessary security to defend the embassies in question apparently was not as cost effective as the 1.4 billion dollars spent last year on the Obama Royal family for their lavish vacations every month and various other trappings related to being First Family. Embassy security in strategic countries to the war on terror is also not as important to the Obamaites as the billions of taxpayer dollars still being doled out like candy at a parade to phony green energy companies run by the President's campaign donors. Or the myriad other wasteful government expenditures like lavish conferences and bonuses to various agencies that spit in the eye of fiscal responsibility and probity.
     Beyond the ludicrous nature of closing embassies that may be subject to attack because there is a lack of funds to keep them open with proper security, is the obvious, i.e., would the terrorists planning these attacks not just wait a week and attack once the embassies are reopened? Now that the Obama administration has publicly informed the terrorists of the closures, mainly so the President can look as if he is being "smart" in the wake of the Benghazi debacle, it allows the terrorist forces aligned against the U.S. to adjust their plans and not be caught off guard by attacking empty embassies.
     In addition to the terrorists being given free intelligence by the Obama administration about the embassy closures, is the pathetic weakness that the closures portend to both our enemies and our allies about the new posture of the United States under the Obama regime. A posture that says it is wiser to close diplomatic outposts than it is to provide proper security for fear of provoking people who mean us harm. According to the Obama philosophy, if we show our enemies that we are weak and unable to defend ourselves and our interests around the world, they will simply pack up and go home without firing a shot. It is a philosophy that truly believes we have enemies because of our conspicuous military superiority.
     President Reagan once said that of all the wars fought in the last hundred years, none were the result of America being too strong. This is a truism that the current occupant of the Oval Office (when he is not on vacation or playing golf) seems to have no ability to understand. But what Barack Obama and others on the Left fail to learn from history and common sense is that the opposite is true. When the United States is either weak or perceived as such, there is more insecurity and outright war throughout the world. A strong U.S. is a benefit to the world, and closing embassies because defending them is a show of strength that this President abhors, only benefits the cause of our enemies.


  1. Are we closing embasasys to prevent Obama's vacation from being interrupted?

    1. We certainly would not want to have anything get in the way of his vacations and golf. Thanks for the comment.