Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Deliberate Disconnect Of Blacks From American History

     Recently, a friend of mine took his family on vacation to colonial Williamsburg and was recounting the rich American history that resided there to one of his inner-city tenants. This twenty-something black mother of three looked at my friend and said, "That kind of stuff is only for rich white people, and besides I would never have the money to afford a trip like that anyway." Her statement revealed two tragedies of the modern black experience in America. One, the disconnect from her own history, and two, the hopelessness that she will never attain even a modest level of success and prosperity. Both of these aspects have been deliberately inculcated in her by politicians whose Leftist ideology has destroyed this young woman and her community.
     These two aspects of the modern black experience revealed by this young woman's statement are not simply a happenstance. But rather, they are the carefully planned and executed political strategy by the Left over the last few decades to detach blacks from their history and their hope for a better life so that they will forever be dependent on the programs that are administered by power hungry politicians and bureaucrats. One of the most heart-breaking and destructive aspects of Leftism is that it convinces its victims to believe lies about themselves and their worth to their communities and their nation but worst of all to themselves.
     The disconnection of blacks from their American history is a corollary to the multi-culturalism cancer that has spread through much of the world and has left many countries without the thread of a common past, culture or goals that ties them together. In the United States, the purveyors of the multi-cultural disease have been rewriting history to advance the false narrative that the United States of America was founded, and has existed, on greed, racism and bigotry. This bastardized history has been taught to several generations of children, especially black children, who then feel no pride in or connection to the country in which they live. And of course this creates the environment for Leftist politicians to advance their oppressive big government programs for the purpose of creating some sort of retribution through redistribution.
     The second aspect of my friend's young tenant's statement is a close companion to the deliberate disconnection of blacks from their American culture, the breaking down of their self confidence and the self reliance that results from it. People who are self reliant have much less need for government than those who lack the necessary skills to fulfill the basic responsibilities of life. The Democrat party and other Leftists have spent the last half century convincing blacks that because of the history of America, they have no ability to change their lives, or even subsist of their own accord, and must therefore depend on the Leftists big government programs.
     The entire political fortunes of the Democrat party, and Leftists in general, depend on people not being able to take care of themselves. So they gobble up the talents, hopes, dreams and ambitions of those most vulnerable and spit them back in the form of oppressive government programs that limit the individual spirit from soaring as high as it can, therefore damaging the entire community. This is the tragedy that is Leftism and the criminality of those who are its practitioners. 

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