Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here Is Something The Left Can Blame On Bush, But They Will Not

     During the lead-up to the Iraq invasion in March of 2003, the longest and most telegraphed lead-up ever, George W. Bush succumbed to the false sense of amour against criticism that he thought including the "international community" would bring him. If the Germans had as much notice about Normandy as Saddam Hussein had about the U.S. invasion of his country, France, along with most of Europe would have been ceded to Adolf Hitler in World War II.
     The long and slow germination of the seeds of war in 2003, done to curry favor with the "international community", allowed Saddam to move his weapons of mass destruction, presumably to Syria where they now have become a thorn in the side of both the United States and the "international community." Furthermore, President Bush failed to curry favor with the very "international community" he allowed to affect U.S. foreign policy. In fact, he was savaged for the rest of his term as president by the very people whose sensibilities he had taken great pains to mollify. But I do not blame the former President, at the time, I too thought it was a good idea to exhaust all diplomatic remedies before attacking militarily.
     I now see how flaccid and ineffectual the United Nations and the rest of the so-called "international community" are and that they can not be counted upon to make lucid decisions or engage in moral actions as they relate to human rights or the stability and security of any region of the world. This lesson was sorely lacking from my own curriculum, but should not have been from the former president's, who had the opportunity to witness the complete and utter bumbling incompetence of the United Nations up close and personal for years. First as the son of a two-term Vice President of the United States and one term President and then as a newly elected President himself.
     Had President Bush not given Saddam Hussein the time to move his chemical weapons to Syria, the current President could not have made his now infamous "red line" statement. Sans the "red line" statement by President Obama and the clown-like antics of his Secretary of State, Vladimir Putin and the Russians would not have had this opportunity to reduce American influence in a very strategic part of the world, and in the process make the United States of America look foolish and irrelevant.
     I suppose of all the things for which the Left tries to blame President Bush, I have never heard them say that because he did not invade Iraq sooner and prevent the movement of Saddam's weapons, President Obama was made to look like a fool. I am not holding my breath that I will ever hear such an admission from anyone on the Left, because to do so would destroy the fragile little fantasy world they have constructed from lies. Lies that include, but are not limited to, Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, their intellects are superior to common sense and rational thought and that Barack Obama possesses an acumen for world diplomacy that no other world leader can match. The Leftist world must be lonely and cold without the comfort and warmth of truth and reality.    


  1. Excellently said! I agree, we'll never hear the left utter such a blame. Great points!! Thank you!