Monday, September 30, 2013

The Democrats' No-Lose Situation

     At midnight tonight the federal government technically runs out of money, unless the two chambers of the United States Congress and the President can agree on a continuing resolution to keep the government fully funded. Even in the event of a shutdown, the essential services of the federal system will remain in operation. So threats from the President and Democrats in the Senate that the military would not get paid, are just scare tactics to try and muster public sympathy and support for their position to protect ObamaCare at all costs. In a nut shell, that is what this whole kerfuffle is about. The President and Democrats in Congress are risking the nation's life and limb to protect a badly conceived, criminally passed, unconstitutional, nightmarishly implemented law, of which at last count almost seventy percent of Americans want no part.
     Back in the good old days when the Congress and the President hammered out and passed a budget every year, the threat of a government shutdown was much less likely. The Republicant-lead House has passed budgets without the Senate even considering them, and the President has submitted budgets that no Democrats voted for, let alone any Republicants. And over the weekend, when Republicants were passing a continuing resolution that funded the functions of the federal government, but delayed the implementation of ObamaCare for a year and repealed the medical device tax, the President was once again embarrassing himself on the golf course. And the Senate had closed up shop and made no attempt to look as if they cared one iota about the optics that presented to the American people. President Obama and Congressional Democrats can rest easy in the knowledge that all blame will be attached to Republicants, and that Democrats will be portrayed as saints by the media.
     For those who are given a false sense of comfort and solace by House Republicants seemingly having a backbone and passing a continuing resolution with the delay of ObamaCare implementation, do not be. After all, it was not that long ago they were talking about repeal, then defunding, and now it is simply delaying the implementation for a year. What is going to change in a year? The health care industry will continue to disiningrate due to the new law which will not even being fully implemented. The President and Democrats will blame Republicants for the mess because they opposed full implementation on the original timetable. The health care industry, and the nation, will be trapped in a limbo where the disastrous effects of the law will be felt by the American people and the opportunity will be presented to the President and Democrats to make the point that the mess was caused by delay of implementation, and not by the law itself. And just in time for next year's mid-term elections, when I am sure the Democrats will use the Republicants' refusal to implement as a rallying cry to win control of the House and a wider margin in the Senate.
     So the Democrats and the President find themselves in a no-lose situation. If Republicants cave, ObamaCare will be implemented on schedule and be impossible to put back in the bottle, and if some sort of agreement is reached to delay implementation, Republicants will be blamed for the disaster that the law has already created. Either way, it appears the hapless Republicants and the nation will once again wind up on the losing end of the Democrats power grab.

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