Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Strategy Of The Smart People

     I have recently heard some supposedly smart people, who call themselves Conservatives, suggest that the best course of action for congressional Republicants to take with regards to ObamaCare is to do nothing. These political pontificators, whose intelligence is matched only by their naivete, hold the belief that with all the problems recently brought to light with the implementation of ObamaCare, it will become the train wreck that Democrat Senator Max Baucus predicted it would be. And this will cause congressional Democrats to throw up their hands and surrender their dream of a single-payer, government-run health care system without the Republicants firing a single shot.
     This misguided theory, held by otherwise intelligent people on the Right, has a flaw, it depends on the will of Democrats in Congress to do what is best for the country. It is almost as if these folks on the Right making these dire predictions for ObamaCare that consist of no Republicant involvement, still do not understand who Barack Obama and the hard Left are and the confiscatory, authoritarian ideology that drives what they do. Just to remind the smart people on my side of the aisle of what the object of the ObamaCare exercise is all about, it is to destroy private insurance so a new government edifice can be built in its place.
     The chaos of ObamaCare implementation was baked into the cake even before the law was committed to paper and rammed through Congress in a way that made the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves. The chaos created by the law mitigates commercial insurance involvement the further down the road of implementation the law travels. Recently there have been private insurance companies that  have stopped providing health care policies in certain areas of the country. The reason is the new law's virtual moratorium on health insurance profit. Aetna of New Hampshire comes to mind, and do not fool yourself into thinking there will not be more.
     I fail to understand how anyone, knowing that a single-payer, government-run health care system has been the goal of Leftists in and out of government for decades, can believe that that dream is going to be abandon simply because of implementation problems. Furthermore, I do not know why the smart people on the Right can be so obtuse about the intended chaos of implementation, when Barack Obama has publicly stated that his ultimate goal is a single-payer, government-run system. Connecting the dots would lead one to realize that in order for that dream to come to fruition, private health insurers must be driven away from providing health insurance policies. No folks, I think ObamaCare is here to stay because the Democrats and their Leftist ideology will ensure its survival, and those on the Right who are in a position to stop it have decided to let it stop itself. Sort of like driving your car toward a cliff at a hundred miles an hour and depending on someone to build a bridge before you reach the edge. This is the strategy of the smart people.


  1. The strategy of the Progressive Rinos is to do nothing. The Conservatives want to refuse to add funding for the implementation of the act in the continuing resolution. Boehner says that he won't shut the Govt. down. I don't understand his logic. I think that he has a deal with O for the funding of tax payer money for 75% of congressional workers insurance cost due to Obama care. They are almost all corrupt and in the game for themselves.

    1. You are correct. The other thing that plays into that is the fear that Republicants have bought into about a government shut-down. They are convinced it hurt them in 1995, but they were able to force Bill Clinton into a balanced budget and get George W. Bush elected in 2000. So how much did it really hurt them?