Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Cruz Red Line

     As Texas Senator Ted Cruz was making his heroic 21 hour stand on the Senate floor against a government takeover of the United States' health care industry by the current administration, many in his own party abandoned him and the cause of liberty. These establishment Republicants, and some on the right in talk radio and elsewhere, were shamed by the illumination of their cowardice by Senator Cruz's heroism. Their shame took the shape of acrimony and recriminations against Mr. Cruz, who along with too few on the Republicant side, have taken the side of the majority of Americans who want no part of ObamaCare.
     The cowardice of those on the right that refused the gallant cause of liberty did so with the flimsiest of reasoning. They maintain that the health care law is so bad that it will die of its own weight. If they truly believe that, then what is the harm opposing the funding of this dying beast? Maybe it is that these Republicant scared little rabbits do not believe that it will die of its own weight and they are just as inclined to accept it as law and move on. After all, the Republicant establishment knows that no matter how much unconstitutional power the new law gives the current administration, one day they will be in control of the White House and have that power for themselves. And the real goal of the Washington establishment, whether they be on the Left or the Right, is control of the reins of big government.
    The fear (by weak-kneed Republicants) of a government shutdown is unfounded. Not only are the American people behind fighting ObamaCare by almost a 70% margin, but recent polling shows that the voters are split almost 50-50 on who would take the blame for a shutdown. In 1995, prior to that government shutdown, a similar poll showed that only 27% of people would blame then President Clinton and 46% would blame Republicants. So the idea that some Republicants refuse to shut off the spigot of funds to ObamaCare because they will be blamed for a possible government shutdown, is not only unfounded by the polling, but cowardice in its reasoning.
     Ted Cruz drew a red line, not an Obama red line that easily fades in the sunlight of difficulty, but a bright, bold, and indelible red line that says, "Here is liberty, come all you courageous enough to grab her mantle and fight for her honor." Unfortunately the weak and defeated Republicants of establishment Washington have forgotten that they have been given their positions by the grace of their fellow citizens to fight for the cause of liberty, not shrink from it. Thank God there are men like Ted Cruz, who still understand and believe in the founding principles of this great nation and will suffer the slings and arrows, some from his own side, to defend those most sacred values.

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