Friday, September 13, 2013

Whip Me, Beat Me, Make Me Vote Democrat !

     Recently, the largest labor union in the country, the AFL-CIO, put pen to paper and wrote a searing rebuke of ObamaCare, the law they helped ram through the United States Congress. Who would have thought that the union thugs that syphon members' dues to support their lavish lifestyles actually could write. It is hard to say whether or not the union leadership knew that ObamaCare would cause their members' premiums to skyrocket and their choices in health care to be virtually eliminated when they were using their thug tactics to help pass the law, but that is the result it has had. And it has not yet been fully implemented.
     Union leadership was OK with ObamaCare as long as it was only imposed on the great unwashed non-union workers in this country. But now that they have found out that their health care benefits will be lessened in quality and increased in cost, they are throwing a conniption. The AFL-CIO's protestations will not change the hearts of those law makers they think they have in their pockets, because those politicians value their Leftist ideology more than their union constituents. Besides, no matter how badly Democrat policies may affect union workers, their dues will still be syphoned to Democrat campaign coffers and union thugs will continue to organize their own brand of violent love-ins for Democrat politicians.
     In fact, the union constituency is much the same as other factions of the Democrat voting base, i.e., they have bought the myths and lies about Republicants and will never vote for them, no matter how badly the Democrats treat them. And treat them badly they do. Everyone of the Democrat constituency groups have done worse under the Obama administration than under the previous administration of George W. Bush. And Mr. Obama has been truly blessed to implement everything he has wanted to, and things have gotten worse for blacks, single women, Hispanics and yes, even union members. But Democrats know they can count on the votes of these groups, so they can continue to implement policies that are not in their best interest or the best interest of the country.
     The psychology behind these Democrat constituency groups continuing to vote Democrat, no matter how badly they are treated by Democrat politicians, is much the same psychology that motivates a woman to stay with an abusive man. The only difference is that the Democrat constituency groups seem to be willing participants in their own abuse. The AFL-CIO's blind allegiance to supporting ObamaCare when they thought it would not affect them, and their continued support of the Democrats who they now realize have cut their hours and given them inferior health benefits, it just one of many examples of the willing participation of Democrat constituencies in their own abuse.

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