Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Complicit Republicant Party

     The impending one-two punch to the fiscal sanity of this nation is right around the corner with the continuing resolution needed to fund the government for another six to eight months, and a raise in the nation's debt limit beyond the current 16.7 trillion dollars it has reached under Barack Obama. It is hard to believe that a little over four and a half years ago, when Barack Obama was sworn in as this nation's forty fourth president, our debt was around ten trillion dollars. This president has not only racked up more debt than any other in history, but more than the first forty two presidents combined. And he still has three and a half years left in his term!
     While spending more money than our nation has, over forty percent more at last count, is entirely on President Obama's shoulders and the shoulders of the Democrats in Congress, it has been congressional Republicants who have helped them to flourish in an age of continuing resolutions. At least since January of 2011, when Republicants took control of the House of Representatives, they should have required that the President and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hammer out a budget for the federal government every year as required by the Constitution. Instead, Repbulicants (new readers may notice I call them Republicants because they are not the least bit effective against Barack Obama and congressional Democrats) have allowed President Obama not only to shirk his Constitutional responsibility, but use the continuing resolution process, and threats of blaming a government shut-down on Republicants, to beat them into submission on a variety of issues.
     As important as previous continuing resolution fights have been, the current one is the last chance for Republicants, or anyone else for that matter, to cripple and hopefully bring about the demise of the President's government take-over of this nation's health care industry. Once the funding for the subsidies begin in January, whether the exchanges are properly operating or not, it will be impossible to pull the plug on the beast. Not only will ObamaCare ruin the best health care industry in the world, it will forever change the way U.S. citizens relate to their federal government and it will give that federal authority more power over the lives of individuals than ever before. And last time I checked, more government control in the lives of the governed is called tyranny.
     Some on the Right, like radio movie critic with delusions of being a Conservative talk show host, Michael Medved, have said that congressional Republicants should not even try to de-fund ObamaCare because the resulting government shutdown will be blamed on them and that is a losing political strategy. I am sure glad the colonists and our Founding Fathers did not feel that way or we would all be drinking tea, eating boiled tasteless food and walking around with bad dental hygiene.
    Where Mr. Medved et. al have it wrong is that de-funding ObamaCare is not a losing strategy, it is the feckless way in which Republicants implement that strategy that makes it more unlikely to be
successful. Those on the Right like Mr. Medved think we should not engage in a principled fight simply because our leadership in Congress is incapable of articulating the Conservative message. Maybe what we need is new leadership who believe in taking principled stands, not for political victory, but to preserve the liberty and freedom that the Founding Fathers bequeathed us and for which it is our responsibility to preserve for future generations.

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