Friday, September 20, 2013

The Obama Doctrine=Support Authoritarianism

     There were several things wrong with President Obama drawing a red line on Syria, and then using Vladimir Putin as a big red line eraser. The flaccid attempt at leadership and intestinal fortitude by a man who has neither, not only made him look weak and ineffectual, but tarnished the reputation of  standing for freedom and liberty enjoyed by this nation for over two hundred years. Barack Obama enabling and facilitating, with the Russian's help, Bashar Al Assad remaining in control of Syria, tells every freedom lover throughout the world that they will not be able to depend on the United States of America for support in their struggle. One of the things that made the United States of America a beacon of liberty shining brightly throughout the world, was that we not only claimed that liberty for ourselves, but gave our support to all those who were oppressed for whom freedom was a saving grace.
     President Obama's non-support of the freedom fighters in Syria before the movement was overtaken with terrorists, is only now made worse by his quietly lifting the ban on supplying military aid to groups or countries with suspected ties to terrorism. But wanting to support not only our enemies in the Syrian revolution, but the enemies of personal liberty through the imposition of Sharia law, is consistent with a man who does not even support freedom in his own country. Illustrative of this fact is any number of laws rammed through Congress by this administration or created within the bureaucracy of the federal government.    
     The Syrian debacle is not the first time in his term as President that Mr. Obama acted to support the wrong side in the struggle for liberty. In May of 2009, shortly after Barack Obama was elected to the United States presidency, the Green party (nothing to do with environmentalism) in Iran took to the streets and rooftops to demonstrate against their corrupt and despot government for the rigged election they had just stolen. President Obama not only gave no support for the freedom movement in a country that is a major sponsor of terror, but seemed to support the oppressive Ayatollah regime. Without even the moral support of the United States, the movement was summarily crushed.
      President Obama again took the side of authoritarianism over liberty when he supported the Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, and condemned the Honduran Supreme Court for removing Mr. Zelaya from power after he violated the law and tried to disband the constitution of his country. But Mr. Obama's actions are completely consistent when put into the context of his systematic dismantling of the constitution he has taken an oath to uphold and protect. From not enforcing laws that interfere with his agenda, to creating laws in an unconstitutional manner through bureaucracies or by presidential fiat with the abuse of the executive order process instead of by way of the people's representatives in Congress, Barack Obama has been in sympathy with Manuel Zelaya in practice if not in execution.
        Time after time in the last five years when Barack Obama has been presented with supporting individual liberty or authoritarianism, his natural instinct is to decide in favor of oppressive central governments. Whether that oppressive government is in Syria, Iran, Honduras or in the cradle of freedom and representative government, the United States of America.     

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