Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Depravity Of Barack Obama Matched Only By That Of The Media

     The unwillingness for the media to show any tenets of journalistic integrity with regards to probing the depths of President Obama's depravity, says more about their own corruption than it does of his. In fact, the media is a willing participant in Mr. Obama's deceit, even gleeful help maidens in the venture. This is best exemplified with the claim by President Obama that he never drew a "red line" with regards to Syria if chemical weapons were found to have been used. The President's "red line" statement was made in public to countless news outlets and recorded for posterity. The existence of the statement has caused the President to disclaim it, and even more, it has caused him to claim that the American people, the United States Congress and even the international community are to blame for the "red line."  Barack Obama is the only one to be held blameless, which is the narrative that the President's lapdog media will breathe into existence through their disgusting magic of information manipulation.
     The detachment of the President from his own words is reminiscent of the Benghazi affair, when the President and his administration claimed a terrorist attack was a spontaneous demonstration in response to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. These claims were made hundreds of times in a two week period after the attack, thirteen times just in the President's United Nations Speech alone. Recently, the administration has said they never made such a claim. And because of an ideologically chained media, the lie will magically become truth, or at least what too many low-information citizens will believe as truth.
     The Founding Fathers knew that men in power were susceptible to corruption and depravity, that is why they created the first amendment to the Constitution to protect free speech and allow the press to keep a check on our leaders. They also knew that the only way for free people to remain free is through a free press, rigorously committed to revealing the truth. The Founders would never have foreseen a day when those enabled by the power of the Constitution to hold our elected officials' feet to the fire of truth, would violate their own ethics of journalistic probity and the tenets of honesty to enjoin themselves to an oppressive and corrupt ideology.   
     The reader may be shocked by my use of the word "depravity" to describe the President of the United States, and may be less surprised by its use to describe the media. But our Founding Fathers would have held the opposite sentiment, holding the people and their press in higher esteem than those who governed them. That is why they gave such power to the individual and to those charged with informing them. It is a shame that our modern-day press has chosen to trade their freedom, along with ours, for the tyranny of ideas that are the antithesis of the Constitutional freedoms given to us by the Founders.

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