Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day, A Celebration Of Union Bosses And The Democrat Politicians Who Love Them

     I do not celebrate Labor Day in the traditional sense of throwing laurels at the feet of organized labor who have visited much destruction upon our country, both economically and morally. It has always seemed a bit odd to me that the country would celebrate, with a day off of work, the very activity that is essential not only to personal wealth and satisfaction, but to the economic and moral well being of the nation as a whole. Celebrating Labor Day is a bit like celebrating a proper diet, it is just something in which one must engage if one wishes to be content, healthy and prosperous. Many are under the mistaken assumption that Labor Day is actually about those who labor, and not as I believe, about the corrupt and morally inferior labor unions who engage in a daily pursuit of benefits without a commensurate amount of merit.
     Since the days of the 1930s when James Hoffa Sr. was using his mob-backed muscle to bust heads and force unionization upon the country, the unions have always had an unholy alliance with the seedy underworld of our society. Today, the connection is not so clearly with mob influence but something worse, i.e.,  Democrat-controlled government entities. I say worse than the mob because the mob has no ability to make laws  or collect taxes. I see no reason to celebrate the unwilling confiscation of union members' hard-earned dollars through dues, and the distribution of those dollars to Democrat politicians who only institute policies which have a deleterious effect on the very workers who unwittingly support them.
     In the mid-1950s, when George Meany helped marry the American Federation of Labor to the Congress of Industrial Organizations, forming one of the largest labor unions in the country, today simply known as the AFL-CIO, he created an irresistible power structure and source of money that was duly recognized by Democrat politicians as an endless supply of campaign funds. Where James Hoffa, and his organization, the teamsters, were inextricably linked at the hip with organized crime, George Meany and the AFL-CIO had a similar relationship with Left-leaning politicians who controlled the United States government. Not that politicians of the 1930s, like Franklin Roosevelt, did not benefit tremendously from a cozy relationship with organized labor. But it was not until the 1950s and 1960s forward that both entities became more sophisticated at perfecting the money laundering scheme between Democrat politicians, who syphoned taxpayer dollars to the unions, and the union bosses who then paid off those politicians using taxpayer money and members' dues to fund Democrat political campaigns.
     I do not wish to end this post leaving the false impression in the readers' mind that I am anti-labor, just the opposite. I support all those who quietly and efficiently strive for excellence in their chosen work and are paid fairly by employers operating in the free market. I support men and women keeping more from the fruits of their labor, without having it confiscated by over-reaching government or union bosses. And finally, I support all those who take pride in their work, whether it is performing surgery to save someone's life or cleaning a toilet on their hands and knees, because I believe in the dignity of both functions as necessary to our society. And I do not need a day of hot dog-eating, beer swilling and parades to remind me that engaging in labor to feed one's family and contribute to the moral fiber of the culture is something that use to be expected of every citizen.

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