Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Smartest Guy In the Room?

     For the better part of the last five years, we have been inundated by people in the mainstream media and elsewhere on the left telling us that Barrack Obama is the most brilliant man who ever lived. They would have us believe that he is the smartest guy in the room, well maybe, if that room is Romper Room. I have always thought it was odd that the only proof for the President's brilliance offered by his minions is that he went to Columbia and Harvard, yet the President refuses to release his transcripts. And his public record from the 2008 campaign forward has not supported the claim of above average intelligence.
     During the 2008 campaign, Mr. Obama claimed that he had been to all 57 states. Maybe he thought that places such as Germany, where he made a major campaign speech and handed out free beer to the crowd, were part of the United States. Further evidence of his ignorance on the composition and history of the country he now leads, was when he confused Memorial day with Veterans day. During a speech on the former he said he saw many of the men we honor on that day sitting in the audience. Of course this wasn't possible because the men we honor on Memorial day are all deceased. Veterans day is for honoring all Veterans of our military. The President has so little interest in and respect for the military that he thought the days were interchangeable.
     The President has also made basic grammatical errors, such as when he gave a prepared speech in which he enunciated the p in corpsmen, not once or twice but three times. Anyone can make a mistake when they are talking off-the-cuff, but many of the President's mistakes occur when he is making prepared remarks. One such example is when he stated in a speech that people in Austria spoke Austrian. An intelligent, worldly man would know that Austrians speak German and that there is no language known as Austrian. He also called the transcontinental railroad the inter-continental railroad. Again, a truly intelligent man, delivering a prepared speech, would know the difference between inter and trans.
     Some of the President's mistakes are arrogance-based, such as using phrases or terms when he really doesn't understand what they mean. An example of this is from 2009 at the stock market bottom. He said that stocks have never had such low profit to earnings ratios. Anyone familiar with investing would know that the correct term is price to earnings, earnings are profits, so the President's term makes no sense. I am sure that former President Bush, our only president to hold a masters in business, who the media use to imply was a dolt, knows that the correct term is price to earnings and not profit to earnings.
     I would not want anything I have said here to be taken to suggest that I think Barack Obama has below average intelligence, he certainly is a smart man, but no more so than most average Americans. The true gift our forty fourth President possesses is political shrewdness and the ability to speak for long stretches without saying anything, but convincing a certain segment of his audience that he is brilliant. Yes, Barack Obama is the smartest guy in the room, as long as that room is a sensory deprivation tank.

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