Friday, March 28, 2014

Hobby Lobby And The Founding Principles

     This week is a very important one for the magnitude of American exceptionalism that has been placed in the hands of the nine lawyers in robes that we call the Supreme Court of the United States. I am of course speaking of the Hobby Lobby religious conscience case as it applies to the Affordable Care Act. This case is about more than whether or not a for profit company has the right to object to following a law that aims to force compliance against religious conscience. It rips at the very core of the founding of this great nation.
     Many on the Left, as they are so apt to do, are mis-characterizing the Hobby Lobby position as a desire to prevent their employees from practicing legal forms of contraception. Nothing is further from the truth. Their health care plans included coverage of multiple types of contraception before the heavy handed ObamaCare was born of tyranny and oppression and placed upon the yoke of a free people. They are only asking the Supreme Court, the necessity of which the Founding Fathers would have found abhorrent under the circumstance, to allow them to opt out of paying for abortia fascias, which they and many others consider to be the ending of a human life inside the womb.
      The Founding Fathers knew that in order for the new republic, which they created by putting quill to parchment giving birth to the greatest documents of freedom the world has ever seen, to survive, the culture must remain a religious one. Religiosity is inextricably tethered to liberty in a way that nothing else is or can be. Amongst a non-religious society, freedom becomes the tool of tyrants to be used to build a larger and more powerful government than the people it governs.
     The wild-eyed advocates that want to figuratively lynch Hobby Lobby by taking away their first amendment rights, are clueless of the implications to all freedom-loving people that this decision could have. For if government at any level can compel any citizen to violate their religious conscience, then the Constitution is made neutered and useless in propagating freedom and liberty for everyone, in this generation and those to come. But more than that, it will be one more step in the staircase of tyranny which leads to the basement of the human spirit, a dark and dreary place where religion and faith is suffocated by the obesity and grotesqueness of an evermore powerful government.
     Those who do not agree with the religious values of Hobby Lobby, and advocate for submission of those values to the will of government, should take heed. Because if mere men are given the authority to expunge the natural right of man to fulfill his religious charter with his God, then no right, God-given or otherwise, is safe from the executioner of a heavy-handed government.

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