Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Gaping Hole Of Ignorance

     Liberty can hardly survive in an environment of ignorance. And when that ignorance is deliberate, it infects the very soul and weakens fidelity to the higher principles present in the United States constitution. We have witnessed the elevation of ignorance to the status of religious faith by those on the Left who now control not only our government, but the culture as well. It is this gaping hole of ignorance created by Leftist ideology that has been on full display during the current Russian/Ukraine crisis.
     It is the gaping hole of ignorance that informs former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that it is Vladimir Putin who is delusional, and not the members of her cabal which have pushed policies in recent years that have strengthen the Russian Bear, while deluding themselves with a fascination for their own words. It is that same gaping hole of ignorance that motivates the current Secretary of State John Kerry to manufacture a 21st century world of non-aggression, and then expect the aggressive to mind his rules.
     It is the gaping hole of ignorance that gives world Leftists comfort in the magic of the word "sanctions." It is this one word that sums up their entire foreign policy, and causes men like Vladimir Putin to laugh openly at their ineffectual and feckless attempts to play grown ups in the real world drama of geopolitical chess. It has been the gaping hole of ignorance that has motivated Barack Obama to dangerously reduce American nuclear arms, thinking that the rest of the world will follow, only to have Mr. Putin this very week test fire intercontinental ballistic missiles into the Caspian sea.
     It is the gaping hole of ignorance that has swallowed intellectual elitists like Barack Obama, only to expel them into the spittoon of reality once their elitism has escalated strife and suffering throughout the world. They fail to understand that peace at all costs is always too high a price to pay when it consists of the borrowed liberty of future generations. Those on the Left that foolishly think they can propagate peace simply by weakening the ability of the United States to prepare for war, have only served the masters of war with their ignorance.
     It is a nation's ability to conduct war which keeps its enemies from testing their resolve to do battle. Nothing deters war and insures peace better than overwhelming military strength. But it is the gaping hole of ignorance that keeps this truth from those on the Left  and makes war and oppression more likely. I am not proposing that military intervention in Ukraine should be implemented by the U.S., only that the aversion to do so signals our Russian enemy that our commitment only rises to the level of peace pandering platitudes and italicized intellectual intimidation that spew from the gaping hole of ignorance.

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