Thursday, March 20, 2014

Republicans Need To Change Their Focus

     Republicants appear to be migrating toward two different camps of electoral strategy for this November's mid-term elections. One camp looks at the recent victory by David Jolly in Florida's 13th district as a sign that Republicants' should make ObamaCare the centerpiece of their Fall campaigns. The other camp is proffering the alternative analysis. That Mr. Jolly won because of the economy, and that ObamaCare should be just part of a larger discussion by Republicants that focuses on the economic failures of Obama policy that congressional Democrats have supported.
     I, of course, think that neither camp has the right fuel to stoke the fires of victory this Fall. As usual, the Republicants in Congress, and who populate positions in the establishment outside of Congress, are myopic in their obsessive focus on the next election, instead of educating people in hopes of changing the culture. A good example of this behavior is the complete lack of attention paid to the Financial Reform Act, better known as Dodd/Frank. This law, which was supported by many congressional Republicants, is almost as dangerous as ObamaCare. It is ObamaCare for the financial industry, and it puts government bureaucracies in control of private enterprise in a way not seen before in this country.
     Dodd/Frank codifies future bailouts for the largest financial firms, while it has closed the doors of smaller, community-based institutions because they can not afford the compliance costs associated with the law. Republicants, if they are to insure victory for the American way of life, must run against the ethos of the Obamaites that gives birth to laws such as Dodd/Frank, ObamaCare, et. al.
     The Republicants can win elections and return the country to one of free choice, but only by decentralizing their message away from ObamaCare or the economy. Instead, they should illustrate the folly of Obama and the Lefts desire to move the country away from an opportunity society to a dependent one. The biggest mistake that Republicants have made in recent elections has been to allow Democrats to steer them in a direction that leads to issues rather than the fundamental principles and values that made this country great.
     I am not recommending that Republicants abandon issues, but rather fold them into a larger campaign based on educating the voter why conservative principles work and Leftist ones do not. The Founders knew that an educated populace is the life blood of democracy. They intended for the free press to be key in the education process. But since most media today has become nothing more than propaganda shills for the Democrat party and failed Leftist policies, it falls upon Republicants to inform voters about the foundational values of America, and why they work for the greatest number of persons.
     If Republicants fail to articulate the founding principles of the republic, and instead strictly adhere to defense of policies, Democrats will defeat them most of the time. The reason is that conservatives have abdicated their sacred responsibility to conserve the founding principles over the recent decades. Which has allowed the Left to inculcate many voters with a sense of entitlement and dependence on the government programs that are the bricks that form the foundation of the modern Democrat party. Republicants must use the hammers of freedom, liberty, and self-reliance to smash into bits those bricks of dependence, entitlement, and tyranny.

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