Saturday, March 15, 2014

Paul Ryan Demonstrates Republican Weakness

     In the past five years Republicants have taken some very limp-wristed stands on important issues. It seems that even when they take the right stand, they are easily backed off it by criticism from the Left. To Witt: Congressman, and House Budget committee chairman, Paul Ryan recently made a statement on a radio talk show about the cultural rot that has caused poverty, especially in the inner-city. To be precise, Congressman Ryan said that the generational dependence on government that exists in impoverished areas has required generations of young boys to grow up witnessing the men in their lives not working and not even having the desire to work.
     Mr. Ryan correctly and succinctly illustrated that poverty in the United States is a cultural problem and not an economic one. Congressman Ryan was excoriated by those on the Left like Al Sharpton, who characterized his statements as racists, as he does with any truth that comes from a conservative. In fact the entire Left has trouble accepting or debating any truth when it opposes their agenda of dependence. The fact that trillions of dollars have been transferred from producers to non-producers in the last fifty years since the War On Poverty began, and it is worse today than ever, is proof of the validity of Mr. Ryan's statement.
     I applaud Paul Ryan for his courage, and yet I am chagrined that I must immediately rescind that applause for his apologetic statement that followed the criticism. He couched his apology in terms that characterized his statement as being "not well articulated," and other such back-peddling gobbly gook. His original statement was articulate and factual, but it may have been offensive to those who have a vested interest in continuing the cycle of poverty that their policies are intended to propagate. Leftism has deliberately destroyed the meaning of manhood in impoverished areas. Young boys are not being raised to value work and responsibility for the families they create. They are not taught the manly virtues of honesty, courage and respect for ones community that built this great nation. The family business in the inner-city has become dependence.
     Paul Ryan destroyed the effectiveness of his argument by essentially mitigating it with apology. I never understood why Democrats can say the most outrageous things and never have to apologize, but conservatives self-censor and apologize for telling the truth. This seems to be a Republican disease, that even when they have the right ideas, they underscore them with weakness by apologizing for them.
     Conservatism demands and deserves unapologetic defense. Republicants can not expect the American voter to support them when their own support for their ideas seems flaccid, and acquiescent to criticism. Republicants would be wise to remember that of all the great and inspiring words written and spoken in defense of American liberty, not one contained even the hint of conciliation.

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