Thursday, March 27, 2014

We Need More Farmers In Washington

     Intellectual honesty being in short supply in the media and politics, it is incumbent upon the average American to articulate the truth that our representatives in Washington are somewhat deficient in representing the best interests of this country. Among the myriad problems with our elected officials is that they spend trillions more dollars than they receive in tax receipts, creating the 17 trillion dollar debt under which we are currently suffering. Joni Ernst, an Iowa legislator running for the United States Senate, has a campaign commercial in which she proudly reveals the fact that she grew up castrating hogs on the family farm. Exactly the kind of pork cutter we need in Washington.
     After hearing Ms. Ernst's commercial, I thought to myself how much better off this country would be with a congress full of farmers instead of lawyers. Actually, this nation and its government would be more fully aligned with the Founders' vision for it with a congress populated with any other profession besides lawyers. I do not have anything against lawyers, one of my best friends is a lawyer, and they serve a useful purpose when their clients need someone to navigate the sausage mill that can sometimes be our legal system.
     Lawyers have a characteristic, almost to a man, that make them lousy representatives of the people they are suppose to serve. That characteristic is an innate superiority complex and a desire and a talent to over-complicate laws and regulations so that only they can understand their secret code. For which the writing and interpretation requires extensive taxpayer dollars. There is no matter that is so simple that a Lawyer can not create a multi page document to explain. And the cabal of lawyers we call the United States Congress, combine their powers of complication to drain simplicity from the every day lives of millions of Americans.
     Farmers spread fertilizer to encourage growth, lawyers just spread a lot of manure that stinks. Farmers awake before sunrise and their day is not done until well into the evening, all for pennies an hour. Lawyers find ways to double bill for the same hour at hundreds of dollars. A farmer will look you straight in the eye and tell you the God's honest truth without regard for hyperbole. Lawyers avoid the straight truth like a homeless man avoids an honest days work. A farmer's most valuable tool is honesty, a lawyer's is a quick tongue that would be as out of place at a truth convention as a blind man at an optometrist's office.
      Ms. Ernst's campaign commercial is sure to be the butt of jokes for those on the Left who have become so out of touch with America, that they see honest work and traditional values as a scourge. The thought of someone like Joni Ernst, who spent her childhood engaged in manual labor on a farm and is a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa National Guard, being elected to the United States Senate, scares the hell out of those on the Left. A farmer matriculated into the august body of the Senate is as anathema to those on the Left as the values, traditions, and common sense that Ms. Ernst represents.  

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