Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It Aint Over Yet !

     One thing that can assuredly be said about Barack Obama is that he lives a charmed life. Growing up as a child in the lap of luxury has not precluded him from claiming some kind of victim status with which the poor are inexplicably infused. His political career has taken him from the Illinois State House to the United States Senate, and onto two terms as president of the United States, all with little to no accomplishments or effort. And now, just when the weather has overstayed its welcome as the latest excuse for Obama economic policy failure, the Russians invade the Ukraine, and provide a poissible excuse for an economy in free fall.
     Barack Obama knows that by the time the "international community" gets their act together enough to mount an effective counter to Vladimir Putin and his Russian military, the situation will have escalated to the level of causing, or at least appearing to have caused, economic weakness throughout the world. Once again the charmed president will be held blameless for his destructive policies.
     Tuesday morning the world awoke with a smile because Putin pulled his troops off the Ukraine border where they were conducting military exercises unrelated to the recent occupation of Crimea. And while the Keystone Cops in the persons of Barack Obama and John Kerry congratulate themselves for "talking tough" and ostensibly scaring Vladimir Putin into submission, Mr. Putin is rubbing his hands together with glee. Not only has he taken a major port in Ukraine without expending military treasure, but he has given his buffoonish enemy reason to be over-confident and blinded to his ultimate goal of rebuilding the Soviet empire.
     I think it was Rush Limbaugh who said, "The world is governed by the aggressive use of force." This truism can not be denied when one performs an exhaustive study of history. In the current situation, Vladimir Putin has set the rules of the game with his "aggressive use of force." The Russian president will now appear to retreat, with his latest conquest in tow, and wait for his next opportunity to seize control of more of Ukraine's sovereignty. He knows that he can continue in his march to rebuild the Soviet empire because of the aversion to war that the U.S. president and the "international community" possess.
     Each time Vladimir seizes control of sovereign land, he will back off and allow his clownish opposition to huff and puff with hubris. And each time he will maintain control of the lands he seized. It is Barack Obama and the Lefts fear of war that makes it much more likely to occur. Whether it is the Ukraine, the Middle East, or South America, the spread of Soviet-style communism and influence has made a resurgence. We ignore the facts of history at our own peril.

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