Friday, March 21, 2014

The "Big Brain" Foreign Policy Of Barack Obama

     The capitulation of Crimea to Russia is illustrative of the real outcome of the dovish foreign policy stance of the Left in general, and Barack Obama specifically. President Obama took time away from his important work of creating his March Madness bracket, golf, and his ongoing life style of the rich and famous, in order to issue a proclamation of weakness to Vladimir Putin. The U.S. president telegraphed to the Russian president that he has essentially taken military action off the table, instead choosing toothless sanctions as a means to make Mr. Putin behave as a world citizen.
     President Obama, with his doctrine of weakness on foreign policy issues from Benghazi to Syria, has made military conflict more likely. For the past five years he has signaled to our enemies like Putin that the United States is no longer interested in defending democratic ideals militarily. Instead, our current president has replaced peace through strength with peace through superior brain power, meted out in diplomacy. In order for diplomacy to be successful, your enemy must be as dedicated to it as you are. Vladimir Putin is not. Therefore, without fear of U.S. military reprisal, he will push the conflict toward a military solution.
     The mistake that the community agitator Obama makes, is treating global bad guys like Putin as he treats his political opponents. To Barack Obama, as to most of the Left, Republicants are the same as Putin, who is the same as Islamic terrorists. The way to defeat them is with lofty words and empty platitudes. Barack Obama uses the same kind of threats against Putin as he uses against Republicants. But where Republicants collapse into little puddles of Jell-O, Vladimir Putin laughs at the Lefts boy wonder who plays world leader on the delusional stage in his mind. Barack Obama is a man of words and Vladimir Putin is a man of action. The man of action will always best the man of words in geopolitical contests.
      Words can inspire men to action, as Thomas Paine's words did during the American Revolution, or Winston Churchill's during World War II. Barack Obama's words are not inspirational, except to inspire hatred of his political enemies, which they are intended exactly to do. The goal of words spoken by community agitators is not to inspire defense of values or ideals, but to attract political power to themselves. Barack Obama has always had the good fortune of having his words translate into political power, but very few solutions to real problems. His brand of sycophantic race and class baiting does not translate to the world stage when confronting anyone more dangerous than an amateur film maker.
     The recent announcement by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel that the administration intends to reduce U.S. military troops to pre-World War II levels, signals that Barack Obama has the utmost confidence in his "big brain" to solve any and all international conflicts. The very real danger to U.S. security is that Putin and others have big brains that understand the world is, and has always been, governed by the aggressive use of force. In the absence of U.S. leadership willing to at least threaten force, Mr. Putin's willingness to do so, will easily defeat Mr. Obama's "big brain"  foreign policy every time.



  1. It worries me that so many people on the Right are buying into the Putin as Enemy thing. The Crimea always was part of Russia. It has voted overwhelming to return to Russia. I don't see the problem.

    In general I agree with you about Obama's foreign policy weakness but on this issue I honestly think the US has no business becoming involved.

    1. I think it is dangerous not to acknowledge that Putin is an enemy of the West in general and the United States specifically. To think that the former KGB colonel is no longer a passionate defender of communism is perilous to anyone who believes in liberty. Crimea has been part of Ukraine for 60 years and an election at the point of a Russian muzzle is hardly legitimate. Thanks for reading