Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Ukraine Can Capture Obama's Attention

     The extremely flaccid and enervated response by the Obama administration to the Russian encroachment on Ukraine sovereignty, is illustrative of Barack Obama's facile world view. A view that only sees the use of United States influence around the world as provocative of conflict instead of the resolution of it. If Ukraine were Mexican narcoterrorists who owned green energy companies and contributed to Barack Obama's presidential campaigns, they would have already received billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in "low interest" loans and untraceable guns.
     Ukraine might have also lobbied the Obama administration for free contraception and abortions in an attempt to receive the attention from the detached United States president. It is also a shame for the Ukraine government that it does not have among its population a brother in-law of Nancy Pelosi, who just received over 700 million dollars of taxpayer money to provide support for his solar company. I wonder if President Obama's response to Ukraine would have been any more favorable if they were to say they were a nation of same-sex couples, and Vladimir Putin was preventing them from marrying each other.
     Truth be told, Mr. Obama wants nothing to do with the messiness of geopolitics or the entanglements thereof. It is part and parcel to his leading from behind strategy in which he abrogates the United States' responsibility in world affairs, in lieu of handing it off to the corrupt and feckless "international community" represented by the United Nations. But the world has seen the results of this strategy festooned in all its incompetence and failure. From removing sanctions on Iran to helping radical Islamists gain control of much of the Middle East through the "Arab Spring," the results of leading from behind have been devastating to peace and freedom throughout the world.
     And now as Vladimir Putin has amassed 100 thousand of his best trained troops along the Ukrainian border, the American people's complacency is exemplified by the first family. She, her mother, and the first daughters on yet another lavish vacation at taxpayer expense, this time in China, where word is they are quickly wearing out their welcome. And he, playing world leader and trying to get back some of his "cool factor" via an audience with the Holy Father, whose flock in the United States is having their religious conscience bludgeoned by Mr. Obama's heavy handed policies.
     The entire situation is scarily reminiscent of the late 1930s, when the president was spending more time on his yacht than in the Oval Office, and the American people were sure that the elfin Austrian with the funny little mustache was of no danger to them and their carefree life style.   


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