Monday, March 17, 2014

Obama And The Peace Whores

     The outcome of the vote in Crimea to succeed from Ukraine and join Russia was about as surprising as President Obama taking another vacation. And while the feckless, useless, and evermore irrelevant United Nations voted not to recognize the outcome of the Crimean vote, Putin, I am sure, had already laid in a course for his next move. As has been the case in the modern era of Obama and his pseudo-intellectual peace whores throughout the world, Putin has out maneuvered them again. If Vladimir Putin was not such a commie bastard, I would almost have admiration for his skill in making President Obama and the "international community" look about as useful as a valet at a hobo convention.
     While Crimea is sorting out the particulars of just what matriculation into the Russian family means, Putin has his eye on more chunks of real estate in eastern Ukraine. And who could blame him, he has not exactly had worthy adversaries opposing his expansionist appetite. While Putin is more than willing to use force to achieve his goals, he knows that the lack of resolve to do the same by Obama and the peace whores, makes their protestations nothing more than static in the distant background of his well scored symphony.
     Vladimir Putin has a memory of history that reaches back further than just the most recent mind-numbing speech by President Obama. He remembers that United Nations proclamations and resolutions hold about as much water as a paper bag with a hole in the bottom. He remembers how Saddam Hussein thumbed his nose at the U.N. and their useless resolution. Until, that is,  U.S. president George W. Bush provided the backbone for that resolution and added heft to the empty words of the United Nations' intellectual elites who need a courage transplant just to enter a darkened room.
     Mr. Putin is well aware that without courageous U.S. leadership to lead the world, he can be fairly certain to have his way with Ukraine, and possibly even more of eastern Europe. Watching the phony bluster consisting of the impotent words of Barack Obama, John Kerry, et al, is analogous to watching a nest of rabbits confront an angry grisly bear.
     Meanwhile Mr. Putin has played his cards wisely. The invasion of Crimea was masterfully orchestrated as a grass roots effort by the Crimean people themselves. And now with a vote by the Crimean parliament last week and the people this past weekend to join Russia, Putin has standing to protect the wishes of those ethnic Russians. The fact that the "international community" does not recognize the outcome of Sunday's vote in Crimea, means little in the face of the current situation's reality. It is analogous to Saddam Hussein's Ministry of Information representative going on Iraqi television, with what was clearly U.S. forces in the background, and saying American troops had not breached Iraqi borders. Therein lies the inherent weakness of the intellectual elites, i.e., their unwillingness to see things as they are, instead choosing to believe that their big brains can solve every problem in the world without messing their finely tailored suits and calf-skin shoes. 

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