Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Case For Compassion-Less Law

     Leftism is rife with dichotomy and hypocrisy, so much so that intellectual support has abandon the ideology many years ago, and the only defense of it is purely emotional. A case in point is the Lefts insistence that those with money, i.e., the evil wealthy people, should not be given special privileges by the legal system. That the ladder of justice should, in essence, have no top and no bottom, and all should be equal under the law. The very core of Conservatism is constructed of this idea, but those on the Left prove their antipathy towards this ideal every day.
     The Left is very vociferous in their support of a compassionate legal system where a person's upbringing and economic status is considered when being punished for a crime that they committed of their own volition. However, that compassion, according to Leftists, should only apply to the disadvantaged and the poor, and not to those who are wealthy. If special treatment by the legal system is wrong to bestow upon the rich, then it is just as wrong when bestowed upon the poor. This is a concept of which Leftism does not have the slightest understanding, or willingness to acknowledge.
     Barack Obama and the modern Lefts idea of "social justice" is anything but just. Justice demands equal protection under the law, which special dispensation based on race, economic status, or family heritage violates in the most grandiose manner. No one should be given privilege under the law because of political or social status or connections, nor should that privilege be given because of a lack of status. In order for the law to carry the sacred duty of justice, it must be free of discrimination. Something the Left does not understand is that it is just as wrong to discriminate in favor of someone as it is to discriminate against them.   
     So as in the case of the Constitution, the law which receives its duty from it, must not contain compassion or charity. Otherwise both can be set aside for reasons that are politically manipulative. When the law is mitigated for those who have money and connections, it can be said to have lost its legitimacy. Setting aside the full effects of the law for reasons of poverty and dire circumstance is just as illegitimate.
     The Founders of this great nation, and framers of its legal system, knew that no civilized society could long exist if its laws were subject to the whims of emotion, and not guided by the steady hand of reason. Compassion is one of the finest human characteristics for individuals to posses, but when done so by a legal system it leads to the tyranny of unequal application of the social code upon the citizenry based on arbitrary metrics created by politicians and judicial activists. Law guided by compassion is not law but suggestion based on the subjective nature of the emotion-filled moment.

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