Saturday, May 24, 2014

Obama Math: Two And Two Is Five

     To say that the Obama administration has been soft on illegal immigration is an understatement on par with saying that radical Islam is a little naughty. It seems all but forgotten that only a few years ago, the Obama administration distributed pamphlets to Mexicans in Mexico instructing them on how to sign up for benefits provided by the confiscated wealth of others, once they crossed the border. At the same time, to avoid the appearance that he is not executing his constitutional duty to protect the sovereignty of the United States, President Obama has bragged that deportations are at an all time high under his regime.
     The number of deportations has increased in recent years only because the Obama administration has required the border patrol to transfer into Immigration and Custom Enforcement's custody those illegals snatched at the border. This practice jukes the stats to make it look as though ICE is deporting more illegals than they actually are. Subtracting the border catches from their totals, interior U.S. deportations have actually decreased under Obama. Further Obama restrictions on ICE have decreased illegals' subjectivity to deportation, making it a tiny sliver of what it use to be.
     The new regulations require catch-and-release practices by ICE when local law enforcement officials detain illegals for other infractions of the criminal code. This has caused the impression, and rightly so, in the minds of illegal immigrants, that once they breech our borders they are home free and it is very unlikely they will be deported.
     Herman Goerhing once said that "If the fuhrer says two and two is five, then it is." So it is with the Obama administration. They have reformulated the economic and public policy statistics to bend the truth in whichever direction they wish. So that persons no longer in the work force due to despondency are not counted as unemployed. And those who visit the government health care website and request information, but never pay a premium, are counted as sign-ups. And that two percent growth in the economy is a roaring recovery. And illegal immigrants caught at the border before entering the country are counted as deportations.
     The Obama administration takes full advantage of the fact that controlling statistics allows them the ability to control the truth, or at least the perceived truth. It is a phenomenon that the less the populace trusts the government, as has happened over the last five years, the more they acquiesce to that government. So in essence, by the acceptance of lower economic performance as typical, more illegal immigrants as inevitable, and gay marriage on a national scale as "equitable,"  the general fatigue among the citizenry has resulted in two plus two actually becoming five. And when truth becomes as malleable as cheap campaign slogans, and just as fleeting, then the foundation of liberty suffers and tyranny fills the vacuum left behind.      

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