Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Deflowering Of Obama And The West

     Barack Obama is analogous to a high school cheerleader disheveled in the back seat of a car after her virtue has been ravaged by the much stronger captain of the football team, who in our example is represented by Vladimir Putin. And not even the snake oil salve of the non-farm payroll number for the month April, which showed the economy allegedly added 288,000 jobs, can despoil the victory in Ukraine that is close at hand for Mr. Putin.
     In real mathematical numbers, math being hard for an administration that is populated with people intellectually barely out of diapers, the economy lost over a half a million jobs in April. The 809,000 people that left the labor force during the month, causing the Labor Force Participation Rate to its lowest level in almost 40 years, are apparently inconsequential to a White House that has lost more jobs than any administration in recent history. Of working age persons in this country, 92 million are now without full time work.
     But I digress. To say that Vladimir Putin has bested Barack Obama and the Western eggheads who have thought the world into the most dangerous era of the last several centuries, is the understatement of history. Mr. Putin has cleverly invaded Ukraine without invading it. With small groups of highly skilled special operations experts, Moscow has taken one city at a time in Eastern Ukraine, then turned over control to local Russian separatists. The historical nature of one country absorbing another with only small numbers of human assets risked, has been missed by the prince of obtuseness, Barack Hussein Obama.
     In the eyes of many people, Vladimir Putin has taken the high ground by purposing a peaceful solution to the crisis with the withdraw of Ukrainian troops from the East, and insuring that the tenets of democracy are fulfilled with a referendum similar to the one in  Crimea. Since Mr. Putin does not officially have any troops in Eastern Ukraine, it makes the hastily assembled Kiev government look like the aggressors.
     Vladimir Putin has built a trail of justification for sending his regular troops into Eastern Ukraine to "protect" democracy-loving Russian separatists from being slaughtered by Ukrainian troops under the control, of what many see, as the illegitimate government in Kiev. He has masterfully manipulated events to make the Ukrainian government protecting its own sovereignty look like the provocateurs. And what has our brilliant and brave president done, cut off bank accounts and travel privileges to some Putin inner-circlers and sent the Ukrainians comfort food in the form of meals-ready-to-eat. The United States and the world is in deep trouble, not because we have weak leadership, but because Barack Obama has created a vacuum of leadership that Vladimir Putin has been more than happy to fill with his expansionist desires.

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