Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Snatching Democrat Defeat From Jaws Of Republican Victory

     In recent years, many on the Right have suggested that the only way to send the electorate running to conservative solutions was to allow them to glimpse life under dominant Democrat control. And for the last five years this nation has been buried alive in Democrat Leftist policies without hardly slowing down long enough to laugh and poke fun at Republicants as they try to hang on desperately to the rail of the caboose on the run away train that has become our nation.
     One would think that nary a Democrat would be left in office after 2016, with the disaster of ObamaCare, which becomes more unpopular the longer it exists. And the myriad scandals from the deadly, like Fast and Furious and Benghazi, to the simply corrupt, like the IRS declaring war on conservative groups and the administration handing out fistfuls of taxpayer dollars to their donors' energy companies like Solendra.
     But even with Democrats distancing themselves from President Obama to ensure electoral survival, they seem to be pushing the same big government programs that a majority of voters say they do not support. Like the Earned Income Tax Credit, the government bonus given to poor people for simply having a job. Beyond the program being rife with corruption and fraud, the government's own statistics showing that nearly a quarter of the beneficiaries are not legitimately eligible, the program is unconstitutional. I challenge anyone to find the verbiage in the Constitution that gives the federal government the authority to incentivize work among one group of individuals by transferring money to them from another group of individuals.
     But beyond wasteful entitlements like the Earned Income Tax Credit, Democrats running for office have to do so in the worst economy since the Great Depression. With real unemployment over 12%, the lowest percentage of workers even participating in the labor force in 40 years, over 40 million people on food stamps, an economy that is creeping along at a pace that aspires to be mediocre, and a health care industry under ObamaCare that is going to transform every American's health care into the nightmare of the VA system, Democrats do not have much on which to run.
     Even Hillary Clinton in a recent speech only gave a glancing mention of the Obama administration, for which she worked for four years, instead choosing to focus mostly on the past history of her husband's administration which ended 14 years ago. Which means someone voting for the first time in this Fall's mid-terms would have been four years old when her husband's administration ended, and someone touching the screen for Hillary in 2016 would have been two years old at the end of the Bill Clinton regime. Past history for most of the "younger generation" that is a core constituency of the Democrat party.
     No one can predict with absolute certainty the outcome of this Fall's mid-terms, let alone that of the general election in 2016. But one thing is for sure, as per usual Democrats are not going to be able to run on their record of failure. It does not mean they can not win, because Republicants seem always willing to snatch Democrat defeat from the jaws of Republicant victory.         

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