Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Shackles Of The Candy Land Mentality

     Some on the political Right have taken to calling Barack Obama evil, even though they have received verbal lashings from some of their brethren who are more fearful, acquiescent, and moderate. Barack Obama is not evil, but he is depraved. His complete unconcern for even those who call themselves supporters, being proof of said depravity. It is that same depravity that spews hatred and racism for his political opponents that also drowns his supporters in despair, victim hood, and hopelessness.
     Hillary Clinton is cut of the same cloth as Barack Obama, both being huge devotees of the political opportunist, Saul Alinsky (about whom Hillary wrote her masters thesis). One morsel of advice from Mr. Alinsky to up and coming community agitators was "never have a conservation with your opponent because it humanizes him, and your job is to demonize him." Both Clinton and Obama have sited Mr. Alinsky's book, Rules For Radicals, which he dedicated to the Prince of Darkness by the way, as a source of great influence upon their characters and political ideology.
     We have seen the Alinsky sewage politics employed by the current administration to great extent and effect over the last five plus years. Obama and Clinton have not simply elevated their politics to the level of religiosity, but have lowered every aspect of life into the sewer of politics. A good example is the comparison between the George W. Bush administration and that of Barack Obama. President Bush was non-partisan to a fault, having in his administration Democrats like Hank Paulson (Secretary of Treasury), Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve), and Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense who remained in that position into the Obama administration).
     Some have suggested that if Mr. Obama wishes to clean up the disgrace that is the Veterans Administration scandal, he would employ Mitt Romney, who would be more than willing to see it as a patriotic duty, more than likely requiring no financial renumeration. This move would also help Obama with his image and may translate into warmer feelings for Democrats in this Fall's mid-term elections. But alas, Barack Obama, like most other Democrats, has no desire to resolve problems for the good of the American people. It is not in the Leftist DNA to look at problems as things to be solved, but as vehicles to growing government and increasing budgets.
      Electing Barack Obama twice says much about the American people who would do so knowing that he so heartily embraced a man who dedicated his book to Satan, the same man who propagates such hatred as to recommend his disciples look at those who disagree with them as less than human. Have the American people lost their way in a big government Candy Land? Or is Barack Obama an anomaly? The answer to those questions must wait for subsequent elections from which hope for common sense and decency springs. But if we are to survive as a free republic, we must shake off the shackles of the Candy Land mentality and return to grown up pursuits like personal responsibility, public decorum, and spiritual enlightenment. Additionally we must elect leaders who are worthy of our greatness as a people.

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