Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Radical Islam And Western Leftism: Two Heads Of The Same Beast

     During the 2008 presidential campaign, Joe "The Hyena" Biden said that Barack Obama had a spine of steel, and when tested by world events he would prove his mettle. Throughout the disasters of the "Arab Spring," Iranian nuclear program, Syrian civil war, Benghazi, South America, Russian dominance and expansion in Ukraine, on and on ad infinitum, Mr. Obama has illustrated a spaghetti spine that has made very economical use of any mettle. But the lack of courage, perspicacity, and foresight has not existed in Barack Obama because of any character flaw, but rather because of an ideology flaw.
     The Leftism which has eaten away at the healthy body of the Democrat party, and most of the rectitude of American culture, is in symbiotic harmony with radical Islam. The goals of Western Leftism and those of radical Islam are frighteningly similar, to the point of making the two ideologies comrades in the fight against decency, honor, and the tenets of liberty.
     The first, and most important goal that radical Islam shares with Western Leftism is a deliberate attempt to mitigate or even eliminate traditional Western values from the global stage. Both radical Islam and Western Leftism have attempted to use the destructive force of multiculturalism to blunt the sword of liberty, and create a cultural vacuum, that in many countries is being filled by the tyranny of radical Islam. Western countries are dying demographically, reproducing at a rate that is causing them to lose population. While Islamic populations within those countries have birth rates which are growing their numbers by leaps and bounds. And those Islamic populations are much younger than Western ones, and they are being radicalized with alarming alacrity. It does not take a demographic genius to see where this is headed.
     The second goal shared by radical Islam and Western Leftism is the subservient role woman play in each ideology. Women in the Islamic world must obey the rules and laws set forth for their lives by men of the faith. So it is with Western Leftism, but instead of wearing the burqa and being kept from a career, Western Leftists cover their women in the garb of "sexual freedom" and discourage them from the traditional wife and mother role. In each ideology, radical Islam and Western Leftism, the women have little choice in the life they choose. Women who disobey are beaten privately in the Islamic world, and humiliated publicly in the Western Leftist one.
     Finally, radical Islam and Western Leftism share a disrespect and even hatred for Jews and the state of Israel. Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks recently about Israel being an apartheid state unless they submitted to a two state solution with a people who have publicly called for their destruction, is all the proof one needs. The fact that a nation like Israel can hardly negotiate with people who a) do not recognize their existence as a sovereign state, and b) have their decimation written into their charter, shows a total cluelessness on the part of Western Leftists like Barack Obama and John Kerry.
     The two-peas-of-the-same-pod nature of radical Islam and Western Leftism is only differentiated by the fact that the radical Islamists are deliberately using the clueless Western Leftist to actually destroy himself and his culture. A sort of conquest by getting your enemy to commit suicide. Unfortunately, I fear the Western Leftists are much too contemptuous and detached to realize they have taken part in their own demise, until it becomes much too late for all of us.    

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