Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Private Gun Ownership Is Foundation Of Liberty

     Elliot Rodger's bullets barely had time to lodge themselves in those he shot, and the blood barely had time to dry on his knife blade, before some on the Left tried to use the six dead and thirteen wounded as a political tool to advance their anti-second amendment agenda. The Left does not have an aversion to guns, only the ownership and possession of them by law abiding citizens. The reason is that it is not in Leftists' DNA to deal with root causes of problems, in this case mental illness, instead  choosing to blame and punish those who have committed no crime, i.e. law abiding citizens.
     Elliot Rodger was a disturbed young man who blamed his ineffectualness with women on the women who rejected him, and not on the presentation he made of himself to them. He was caught up in the surreal world of social media on the Internet, where he felt even more neutered by believing the lies everyone told about their successful hedonism. Making him feel even more ineffectual.
     It is ironic that Elliot's father was a second unit director on the Hunger Games films, in which teens killed each other. But is the Left calling for "movie control" in the wake of real life imitating art? No! The almost sacrament-like reverence the Left has for Hollywood, and everything it produces from the bowels of its depravity, can never be considered as a root cause of societal rot.
     It is more than a little hypocritical that those on the Left are not calling for stricter knife control, since half of Elliot's dead were stabbed to death. Just as the Left was eerily silent in calling for box cutter restrictions after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, in which those tools essentially led to the deaths of 3,000 Americans. The reason is simple: the Left cares little about the loss of human life, unless it can be used as a pry bar against liberty. Box cutters and knives, while dangerous enough to take human life, are not politically charged enough to enervate individual freedom. Some of the most violent cities in this country are the ones with the strictest gun control laws. It is not a coincidence that when government disarms the law abiding populace, it makes it easier for the lawless to ply their trade.
     As the man said, "Facts are stubborn things." The facts about gun violence in the United States reveal that while the number of hand guns in private ownership has increased substantially in the last twenty years, gun violence has decreased over that same period, according to Justice Department data. In fact, most violent crime has decreased over the most recent twenty year period. Many do not realize that two thirds of all hand gun deaths are suicides. One could surmise from the data that "more guns equals less crime." Certainly the Lefts insistence that more guns will lead to more violent crime does not have any statistical basis.
     One more little tidbit. Several times more crimes are prevented by the lawful use of a gun than are committed by their unlawful use. Our forefathers were wise enough to know that no government, if it was to be birthed by liberty, had the right, nor the moral imperative, to restrict a citizen's right to protect himself and his liberty. A liberty which is built on the foundation of private gun ownership.

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