Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The New Dark Ages

     One of the things that scare me about the foreign policy of isolationists like Rand Paul, is the seeming ignorance they have of history. It has never been good for the world when America withdraws its interest from what happens outside its borders. Many think that somehow the United States can exist is some geographical vacuum where no amount of evil in other parts of the world can touch our pampered little lives.
     I would have surmised that this kind of thought process would have been expelled from the main stream of American thinking after fighting World War I, or even World War II. I certainly thought that the leave 'em-alone-and-they will-leave-us-alone crowd would have been relegated to the outer fringes of public discourse after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. And yet these folks persist in saying that America can not be the policemen of the world. Well, maybe not. But does that mean America should not use its influence to shape world events?
    The world, especially during the last five years, has suffered from too little American influence, not too much. With Europe becoming more irrelevant each day they abandon their individual sovereignty to the intellectual elites in the European Union, and most other nations of the world having squandered their defense dividend (paid by the U.S. providing 80% of the world's security) on massive social welfare programs, there is little stopping the world from plunging into the debts of a new Dark Age, except America.
    The demographics of Europe, Canada, Australia, and even some Asian countries have populations that are shrinking, not expanding. Even the U.S. has a population rate that insures static growth. The fastest growing population in the world is the Muslim one. And with an average age under 30 years old, and the rate of radicalization closing in on warp-speed, the world does not need egghead multiculturalists from the UN or the EU, but the American values of liberty, freedom, and self-rule. One would have to be the clown jewel of ridiculousness to deny that these values insure peace and justice throughout the world.
     United States national security is not just about defending our borders (which even that Democrats refuse to do) but about redistribution, not of our wealth as Barack Obama aims to do, but of the values that created our wealth and political stability. There is no question that the American experiment has advanced the human condition more than any other nation throughout history. Is it not the duty of such a nation to gently, and at times more forcefully, influence world events towards the values that have benefitted mankind so greatly?
     The responsibility toward ultimate peace, prosperity, and security is that of the nation that has proven its values to be superior to the ethos of despotism and essential to the propagation of the aforementioned goals. It becomes more clear with each passing day that the rest of the world passively allows itself to be swallowed in a suicide pact with multiculturalism that America virtually stands alone in the battle to keep itself and the world from plunging into the abyss of the new Dark Ages.            

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