Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Racism Of Inaction

     The current Nigerian problems with the radical Islamic group Boko Haram inside that country that threatens the Christian population can, at least in part, be attributable to what I have termed the Racism of Inaction. Racism of Inaction is an affliction whose causes are the pathogens of political correctness, and whose symptoms are an inability to assign accountability or criticism to certain protected groups of people. In some severe cases, Racism of Inaction can cause the afflicted to deny certain truths about individuals and groups which may be uncomfortable to acknowledge, or that may take courage to admit.
     The discussion in America seems to have centered around whether or not sending highly trained troops to Nigeria to find kidnapped girls is advisable. Or how the hash tag campaign #bringbackourgirls will melt the evil hearts of Boko Haram and cause them to sit down to tea with Michelle Obama in the Rose Garden of the White House and swap discrimination stories. The real crisis is who was the First Lady's target of the pathetic pleading hash tag anyway. Some on the Left have blamed the Christian Nigerian government for the kidnappings because the Racism of Inaction requires them to do so. Because not only is Boko Haram comprised of radical Islamists, but they are also black. Two victim groups for the price of one.
     Hillary Clinton suffered from Racism of Inaction a couple of years ago when the CIA, FBI, and her own State Department pleaded with her to classify Boko Haram as a terrorist organization. Which would have subjected them to financial and law enforcement remedies that may have slowed them down. Mrs. Clinton's bout of Racism of Inaction pleaded more vociferously than the tenets of reason, common sense, and decency. Which resulted in her refusal to violate her oath to the Leftist sacrament of victimology and innocence by virtue of race or radicalism, as long as the practitioners of such radicalism are not Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist. Or the individual of a protected race is not conservative.
     The shielding of criminal activity performed by members of certain groups considered put upon by bigoted cultures and others, has taken place in this country for many years, but has accelerated under the Obama administration and metastasized into Racism of Inaction. Attorney General Eric Holder had a fierce bout of the disease when he refused to prosecute members of The New Black Panther party who were caught on video threatening white voters in Philadelphia during the election of 2008. He had a further bout during the Treyvon Martin dust up when he turned a blind eye to that same group's death bounty placed on the head of George Zimmerman.
     The Racism of Inaction is the immunity from accountability based on one's race or religious/political persuasion, and it hides in the shadows of ignorance, dishonesty, and cowardice. It is an affliction which mostly affects those on the Left, but in recent years has spread to some on the Right. It is self-righteous indignation raised to the level of spiritual enlightenment, and true justice lowered to the insignificance of a get-out-of-jail-free card. The only known antidote to the Racism of Inaction is reason, common sense, and a strong mooring to the pylons of justice. Unfortunately those who now control our government are riddled with the disease and are terminal. The solution to the problem is simple, but not easy.We must elect leaders who judge actions and not skin color, who prosecute on violation of law not exonerate on racial or ethnic grievance, and who administer justice with a blindfold not a checklist of exemptions.    

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