Friday, May 2, 2014

The Militarization Of Bureaucracies

     It has become painfully discernible that the main thrust of the Obama agenda is to demilitarize the United States armed forces, while at the same time militarizing the bureaucracies of the federal government. This arming of agencies within the sphere of the Executive branch's authority was the most disturbing aspect of the recent standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher, Mr. Cliven Bundy. In fact, many of the agencies controlled by the President have obtained their own S.W.A.T. teams and have armed their bureaucrats with military grade weapons. This gives the President the ability to attract less attention than a show of force with traditional military, and having the added advantage of not suffering the blather from those Neanderthal generals.
     This recent militarization of federal bureaucracies is a result of the basic mistrust by Mr. Obama and his comrades of traditional military sources, and the undying faith they place in government administrators. It is also corollary to the mistrust and fear of individual Americans exercising their freedom and liberty that is the basis of the Leftist ethos. Knowing that it would be difficult at best, and downright provocative of revolution at worst, the Obama administration will not use regular military against the citizens of this country, but will instead use heavily armed bureaucrats. A sort of SS for the 21st century.
     The Leftist hubris which informs President Obama and his commissars that their intellects are so well developed that they can solve geopolitical troubles without the use of major military conflict, also instructs them that because of that pesky Second Amendment, they will need armed government agents against their own citizenry.
      One of the reasons that President Obama has felt the need to militarize the federal bureaucracies, is that while his policies have greatly increased dependence on government, his administration's behavior has greatly decreased trust in government. It is one of the great dichotomies of history that while Mr. Obama is decreasing the strength of the most powerful military, and force for good in the world, he is increasing the military prowess of the white shirt and tie set within the federal government. Bean counters and paper pushers within the federal labyrinth are now counting beans and pushing papers with one hand, and readying AK-47s with the other.
     The militarization of federal bureaucracies may seem odd behavior for members of the anti-gun crowd. But President Obama and his militants are not anti-gun as much as they are pro having a subservient and cowed populace they can rule. It is one thing to have guvment workers in dangerous situations like "managing land" armed with nine millimeter handguns, it is quite another to have them armed with high-powered, military-grade, semi-automatic, shoulder-carried rifles and backed up by snipers and armored vehicles. But this is the new reality in America, a reality brought into existence by the world view of Barack Obama who sees enemies in the American populace, and nowhere else in the world.

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