Saturday, May 10, 2014

Real Justice On Benghazi May Have To Wait

     The House select committee to investigate the happenings surrounding four dead Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, has a chairman in the person of former prosecutor and current congressman, Trey Goudy. The committee is comprised of seven Republicants that have already been named, and five Democrats, not yet assigned. In fact the Democrats have been discussing a boycott of the committee, which could spell political suicide if something earth shattering were to be revealed by the investigation. And although the Republicants genuinely want to uncover the truth about those tragic events, one would have to be drowning in a pool of delusion not to admit the political implications for both parties.
     For the House Republicant leadership, who have all but ignored this issue, and given President Obama a pass on many others, it is essential that they are seen as being tough on the administration prior to this November's mid-term elections. The base of the party having been shunned by the establishment, this special Benghazi committee gives the latter a way toward political redemption with the former.
     It is troubling that the appointment of the select committee had to come only after the Ben Rhodes email, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the administration consciously and deliberately concocted the YouTube video story to keep the American public from the truth just weeks before Barack Obama's re-election. The surreal tapestry of lies played out by the administration on television, in press releases, and on the tarmac with the grieving families of the dead being told simultaneously by then Secretary of State Clinton that they were going to "get the film maker who was responsible," and Joe Biden, administration king of crass, telling the parents of dead Seal Ty Woods that their son's testicles were as large as cue balls, was more befitting a Martin Scorsese film than the honor and dignity that once was befitting the highest officials of this great country.
      This would all be disgusting enough, but is made even more so by the fact that the night of the attack, as President Obama hid under the presidential bed, those in charge of the administration's response, or non-response as it were, knew the attack was well orchestrated by terrorists, and had nothing to do with any video. Mrs. Clinton, who was a congressional aid on the Watergate investigation back in the 1970s, famously said that any president that lies to the American people should be forced to resign. It is dubious at best whether or not President Nixon actually lied directly to the American people, he certainly did not go before the United Nations to continue his lie, and there were no dead Americans, including an ambassador, in the wake of Watergate.
      I am not buoyant  about this committee's chances of producing any real outcomes on those in the administration responsible for such an egregious violation of public trust. I fear any repercussions for their abhorrent behavior must wait for a higher prosecutor, not of this world, but of the next. Because before the court of the Almighty there can be no lies, nor mitigating of sins, there is only the truth which convicts the sinners of their transgressions.

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  1. Teflon pres. Nothing seems to stick. Killary is starting to sound scary..