Friday, June 6, 2014

Edward Snowden, Hero Or Heritic

     Recently the little piss ant who thinks he is an aardvark, Edward Snowden, gave an interview full of the delusions that have bore their way deep into his psyche. The man who is still considered a hero by many libertarians, and confusingly, by many conservatives, spoke candidly about his role in the high security agencies within our government. Mr. Snowden can not seem to keep his big trap shut about anything, excepting his dishonorable behavior and subsequent defection to this nation's enemy.
     I do not want my intentions to be misunderstood, I am completely opposed to the National Security Administration using a dragnet approach to gathering every Americans' personal Internet and phone habits for possible use at some point in the future. Even if the Obama administration was completely trustworthy (I will give you some time to stop laughing hysterically) how do we know that the one that comes after will be, or the one after that, or the one after that, ad infinitum? Make no mistake, I am not now, was never, and will ever be in the future in favor of data being collected on innocent Americans by government in the off chance one of those innocent Americans squander their innocence by participating in a plot to harm the security of the United States.
     What I am opposed to is someone who has been given a trust, breaking that trust by exposing classified information to the media, then high tailing it to Russia for asylum. Mr. Snowden had many other options he could have exhausted before spilling his guts to the media. And if unburdening himself to the media was a last resort, and he took it, then he should have stayed in the country he claims to be protecting and face the consequences of his act. That is what men of honor do, they do not spray their own country with the bullets of their cowardice and then hide behind the coattails of Vladimir Putin.
     Additionally, if Mr. Snowden is so loosed-lipped with classified information, and so chummy with the Russians, who knows what other data he has given them. Data that may actually endanger American lives or make it harder to execute policy in the interest of the United States. We must also look at the result of Edward Snowden's actions, which was minimal at best. As much as President Obama talked of change in the policy, the private information of every American is still being gathered on a daily basis. So not only has Mr. Snowden failed at exhibiting behavior becoming a decent and honorable man, but he has also failed to advance the cause of liberty he high-jacked as a conveyance to his Russian asylum.


  1. In my opinion, the government should be held accountable and people's right of their own privacy should be given back to them by making the Internet safer.

  2. Thank you for the comment and for reading. I agree with you, the only caveat being what form "making the Internet safer" takes.