Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Soft Treason Of Political Folly

     The Obama administration's deal with the Taliban to release five of the most impressive terrorists from Guantanamo in exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl, is like trading a Reggie Jackson rookie baseball card for the stick of gum that originally was packaged with it. In fact, watching the Obama administration's jubilation over such an obvious victory for our enemy is analogous to people of the time applauding the Hindenburg for those who survived its inferno. Never before in American history has a president been either so totally obtuse or so entirely complicit in working against the interests of the United States, both options having their foundation firmly planted in dereliction of duty.
     Whether one thinks that Sargent Bergdahl was captured and held against his will as a prisoner of the Taliban, or as the note he left behind would indicate, he deserted the U.S. military for which he had shown so much contempt, the potential loss of life directly attributable to the release of the Taliban dream team is quite assuredly a victory for our foes. Mr. Bergdahl already has cost the lives of six of his comrades who went in search of a man that they knew was a deserter. The men who served with Sargent Bergdahl, many of them expressing their loathing for the man in emails to retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, were well acquainted with his sympathies for our enemy.
      I think there is little evidence that this young man is some kind of hero to traditional American values. But he does represent the values of the age of Obama, where duty, honor, and sacrifice are not so important as political theater and a rebuke of traditional U.S. military prowess. After all this is the age of manufactured heroes and the vilification of real heroes. Everyday we witness this administration and others on the Left attempting to destroy good men who uphold the sanctity of traditional American values, while they venerate those who represent the antithesis of those values.
     There is so much wrong with President Obama's "deal" with the Taliban. There is of course the price he has unwittingly put on the heads of American soldiers and civilians, a price which will encourage their kidnapping in the future. Furthermore, President Obama's actions may well be found illegal, having not involved the advice or permission of Congress. Additionally, Secretary Hagel was caught in a bald-faced lie when he said they had to act quickly because of Bowe Bergdahl's rapidly deteriorating health. But the most egregious aspect of this clumsy and juvenile affair was the Rose Garden appearance by the president and the deserter's parents.
     The president of the United States, while our country is at war with radical Islam, has the parents of a deserter at best and a traitor at worse to the White House, where the father sports an Islamic beard and asks for the blessings of Allah in Arabic. It is analogous to FDR having the parents of a Nazi sympathizer to the White House in 1944, and the father giving the Nazi salute and saying "Heil Hitler."  If nothing else it shows a complete and utter disrespect for all the innocent victims of Islamic terrorists and the brave men and women of the United States military who have given their lives to defeat this nefarious enemy.    
     Really, when all the other aspects of this "deal" are considered, from the ludicrous to the dangerous, the one that sticks in my crawl is the empowering of our enemy by our own president and the total disregard it shows for the armed forces under his command. Barack Obama has shown himself unfit to be Commander In Chief with this one action, an action that many, including myself, consider to be the soft treason of political folly.