Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Dumping On America; Not Only An Immigration Story

     The Obama immigration policy, or the lack thereof, has directly resulted in the dumping at our borders of Guatemalan, San Salvadorian, and Peruvian children. Turning trained defenders of the border, i.e. the Border Patrol, into nurse maids and babysitters. A recent survey conducted by the Border Patrol of the children has concluded that ninety five percent of them made the arduous trip through Mexico because family and friends in the United States had sent word that the Obama administration had changed U.S. immigration law, so once they crossed our border they were assured of staying.
     This dumping of thousands of illegal immigrant children by the Obama administration is not the first time they have dumped on America. The president began his administration by dumping onto the taxpayers the bill for his compassion in helping those who got in over their heads with a mortgage they could not afford. He has dumped almost 8 trillion dollars in debt, and counting, on Americans who have not even been born yet, and their children and grand children. He has dumped a choking, drowning, and crushing amount of federal regulations on business, which has created one of the worst labor markets since the Great Depression.
     One of the worst things that Barack Obama has dumped on America is a hopelessness and despair of average citizens who see their country, a country once the envy of the world because of its Rule of Law and individual liberty, quickly disappearing into a cesspool of corruption and lawlessness that is the current administration. And the more venal and debauched the Obama administration becomes, the less liberty the average citizen enjoys.
     With all the dumping that Barack Obama has done on America, it is no surprise that he would use these illegal immigrant children as a political human shield. The president, and most of the members of his party, are motivated entirely by the singularity of the treachery of politics. Those who refuse to step into the light and see this administration, and much of the modern Democrat party, for what it is, do so at their own and the country's risk. There is no compassion in any of their policies, let alone in any of their rhetoric or causes.
     When President Obama recently said that our future depended on these children, he was speaking of course about the Democrat party's future. And it is a sin of the highest degree for Democrats and Leftists like Mr. Obama to deplete and confiscate, not only these children's future, but America's future, for the sake of ensuring political power for his party. And as Americans we must no longer travel through our daily lives in the stupor of emotionalism that is doled out by Leftist politicians whose only goal is to retard our critical thinking skills and replace individual liberty with collective responsibility.

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