Thursday, June 12, 2014

"I Was Born A Poor Black Child."

     The quote which titles this post is from the 1970s classic movie, The Jerk, starring Steve Martin. In the movie, Martin's character Navin Johnson is a white man who was adopted by a black family when he was just a baby, and he does not realize he is not black until his adoptive mother tells him. The knowledge begins a rip roaring odyssey in one of the funniest rags-to-riches-back to rags-back to riches tales ever told.
      Barack Obama manipulated much of America during the presidential campaign of 2008 into believing he was a poor, disadvantaged minority just like Navin. The truth is Barack's step-father was an executive for Shell oil, and when he began to influence young Barry too much with his dangerous ideas about free market capitalism, Barack's mother sent him to live with her parents. Barack then grew up in Hawaii in a plush upper middle-class condo provided him by his grandmother who was a vice president of the Bank of Hawaii. He attended one of the finest prep schools in the country and benefited greatly from his grandparents affluence.
     The man who "poet," Toni Morrison called "The first black president," Bill Clinton, also convinced a gullible base of voters that he to was a poor kid who made it good. The Fact is that Bill's step-father, Roger Clinton, moved the family from the poorer environs of Hope, Arkansas to the more affluent community of Hot Springs when Bill was just a toddler. Roger Clinton provided many advantages to his new family as a result of his 400 acres of land and the Buick dealership he owned. Bill Clinton also went to some of the finest schools money could buy, but to this day he and Hillary still refer to his impoverished upbringing.
     And then of course there is Elizabeth Warren, who claimed native American blood to get a university job. When it was discovered years later that she had as much native American heritage in her family as General George Custer, she was forgiven by the Left, because she "really was in sync with the plight of native Americans." She went on to be elected Senator from the state of Massachusetts by gullible voters who did not seem to mind being lied to.
     What is my point to the preceding? Well, just that Democrats have a long tradition of not only being disingenuous about their policies, but lying about their own biographies in order to receive support from a gullible public. Those on the Left seem to have an innate aversion to telling the truth, even when it involves an inconsequential tidbit. Like when Hillary Clinton said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary after he scaled the heights of Mt. Everest. Only problem is that by the time Sir Edmund made his historic climb, Hillary Rodham was already five years old.
     There is a certain dishonesty to politicians on the Left that requires them to place a higher value on their politics than on probity. So if manufacturing a past for themselves that did not actually exist helps them get elected, they have no compunction in doing so. The problem with the Lefts manufactured biographies of economic hardship is that they often lead to very real hardship for the country.
     Modern Leftist politicians are a study in dichotomy. They feign poverty, yet gobble up others' wealth with an alarming rate of alacrity. They claim to be compassionate, yet heartlessly and deliberately create dependence. They claim to be liberty's protector as they create public policy that leaves it exposed to the danger of extinction. And the worst dichotomy of all is that they take an oath before God and man to protect the sanctity of the United States Constitution, and then proceed to shred it into confetti.

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