Friday, June 13, 2014

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

     Well it took Democrats 11 years, and one and half presidential terms, but they have finally assured a United States defeat in Iraq. Mosul has fallen to insurgents, read: terrorists, as well as Fallujah. Baghdad is in danger of being lost and the Iraqi government has had their pleas for support from the Obama administration go mostly unanswered. To be fair, President Obama has been too busy giving the Taliban in Afghanistan their top generals back in exchange for an Army deserter, and millions in walking around cash that they can use to restock their munitions.
     I remember in the early days of the Iraq War, a letter surfaced from Democrat Senator Jay Rockefeller to his fellow Democrats in congress on the best ways to sabotage their own country's war effort. This treachery was met with a big yawn by the main stream media, in fact they questioned the methods by which the memo was leaked. Of course we all know the "rest of the story." Democrats did everything in their power to destroy not only George W. Bush, but the progress toward victory he had made in Iraq.
     Now with the Al Qaeda-linked groups having their way with the country of Iraq, "help" for the embattled government there has come not from the United States government, which helped birth a more democratic form of government in that once oppressed nation, but from a once bitter adversary, Iran. It would require the height of obtuseness and naiveté to think that Iran wishes in its heart of hearts to see Iraq succeed as a democracy. If the Ayatollah refuses to loosen the chains of tyranny on his own people, he certainly is not sending Iranian assets to Iraq to ensure freedom for its people.
     No, the intention of Iran in offering "help" to the Iraqi government in their time of national emergency can almost assuredly be for nefarious interests and not humanitarian ones. It was after all the Iranians that were supplying material support to the insurgents throughout the U.S. effort to stabilize Iraq and bring it the benefits of self-rule. It hardly seems that they would now be wanting to eradicate those same insurgents for the sake of a form of government that they abhor.
     This of course is not the first time that Democrats have tarnished the greatness of their own country by actively pursuing its defeat. The Vietnam War was decidedly and firmly in the win column of the United States, just ask any of the North Vietnamese generals who were licking their wounds after the Paris Peace Accords. Until, that is, Watergate and the subsequent take over of congress by Democrats because of it. The Democrats cut off all military and material support for South Vietnam which American soldiers had died and been wounded to secure for the cause of liberty. Without that support, the communist North overran the South and murdered hundred of thousands that would not have otherwise died, all because of Democrats in the U.S. Congress.
     I am without words as a result of the prospect of Democrats once again losing a war that the United States had won, purely for political placation of their radical base. It is a shame that Democrats have so little respect for the dead American soldiers and the dead Iraqis that sacrificed so much to give that country some semblance of liberty, only to have it handed to the forces of evil. But then I should not be surprised that an ideology of weakness and duplicity would surrender its country's laurels to an ethos of hate, despair, and oppression.

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