Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why The Mid-Terms Are Irrelevent

     Now with the Mississippi Republican senatorial primary having proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is one party rule in Washington, i.e. the political establishment, it makes this November's mid-term elections all the more irrelevant. The fact that entrenched Republican senator, Thad Cochran, joined forces with Democrats to slime and defeat Tea Party favorite, Chris McDaniels, is further evidence to conservatives that republicanism is in short supply among both political parties in the nation's capital.
     Many Republicans and political pundits on the Right look at the upcoming mid-term elections like some sort of branding exercise, the object of which is to sear a big "R" onto as many congressional seats as possible, whether they are prized steers, or piles of excrement excreted by said cattle. But simply collecting congressional seats like a political bag lady collecting useless junk along the side of the road to place in her shopping cart, does not help a nation being ripped apart by political elitists on both sides of the aisle.
     We have seen the political irrelevance of Republican control over the last three and half years since they wrested control of the House of Representatives away from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. My, like many conservatives' frustration has been to watch a House behave as if it is still in control of President Obama's party of miscreants who with each passing day become more  malcontented with liberty and the founding principles of this great nation. It seems to matter little which party is in control, government grows, and the citizen shrinks with each passing year.
     Congress has made itself almost as useless as an appendix over the last several decades by ceding more of their legislative authority to bureaucracies within the Executive branch. And Republicans in congress during the Obama administration have fought any real opposition to President Obama, like that provided by Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, often times joining Democrats in besmirching the very principles of freedom they are charged with protecting.
     Even those on the Right outside the Washington establishment engage in political mollification with events like the recent Supreme Court decision to affirm the Constitution with regards to President Obama's 2012 recess appointments. It is analogous to a police officer pulling you over to tell you the guy in front of you was speeding. This decision only means something to someone who is either going to be forced to adhere to constitutional principles, or will do so on his own, neither of which is the case with our current president. 
     To borrow and paraphrase a line from Patrick Henry, I do not know what course other conservatives may choose, but as for me, give me candidates worthy of the constitution they serve, or go without my support.  

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