Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Amazing Louis Lerner And Her Magical Hard Drive

     As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, former IRS head Louis Lerner's alleged computer hard drive crash did not eliminate her sensitive emails from the face of the earth never to be seen again. I am not saying that they have not disappeared into the void of nothingness, only that her hard drive crash was not responsible. The Contingency Of Operations Plan created by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, insures that all government correspondence, data, and information be backed up to a safe, off-site location in case it is needed to restore lost data.
     The C.O.O.P. law notwithstanding, failed hard drives are mined for data everyday by firms whose business it is to retrieve data from crashed hard drives. Even drives that have been in fires or floods can sometimes have some of their data saved. Many times when the electronic circuit board has failed as well as the mechanics of the drive, the platters inside can be removed and placed into another drive and the data can be retrieved. I suppose the Obama administration never heard of computer forensic specialists.
     Even if the data from Ms. Lerner's emails was no longer on her hard drive, emails always originate from a mail server and then are sent to client computers. As far as we know, the government's mail server did not crash, only Louis Lerner's personal computer hard drive. The absolutely unbelievable lie told by IRS officials, and supported by the administration, is beyond the reach of decency, heck it is beyond the reach of indecency and plants itself firmly in the land of filthy behavior unbefitting even the political hacks in the current administration.
     The lie that has been told about Louis Lerner's emails is as obvious as the one told by the child with a tube of her mother's lipstick in her hand, with that same lipstick all over the drapes, saying she did not do it. But the actual lie is not so important as the fact that this administration felt confident enough that they would not be challenged in the telling of it. And but for some on the Right, they have not been. The lie, and the subsequent non-response by the main stream media and others, is illustrative of just how far this president and his administration have traveled into the darkness of larceny and hubris.
     But the ho-hum attitude being brought to bear against this blatant dishonesty by an organization that made its reputation on expecting complete honesty from taxpayers, and the complicity by the White House in the lie, is a harbinger of a culture in decline. Politicians are going to stretch the truth, and even lie. And Barack Obama could hold a seminar on how to do so. But when a large swathe of American opinion either becomes numb to the lies, does not see them as important, or incorporates them into their own daily behavior, we have knowingly and willingly abandon our own liberty. For the cornerstone of liberty is probity and rectitude, and without them, a culture can not survive its own freedom.

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