Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Legacy Of A Souless President

     I just figured out the difference between real men of honor and Barack Obama. It is that men of honor build their respect upon a foundation of accomplishments and conduct that becomes the purest definition of probity. Barack Obama has, throughout the entirety of his adult life, reviled the practices of rectitude that bestow respect upon a man, and has chosen to impose respect through titles he has managed to usurp from far better men than himself. Encapsulated in the vacuous suit worn by the president is all the substance of a puff of air.
     The preceding description of our current president was best exemplified by his recent speech at West Point to the best of our best. As hard as Mr. Obama tried to elicit the applause from the cadets that was so copious and vociferous for both President Bushes and Ronald Reagan, he could not attain  enough applause to even drowned out the sound of the flapping wings of a butterfly. The cadets instinctively know, as do many other Americans, that one can not simply place lipstick on a pig and call it a date.
     One of the effects of Barack Obama's vapidity will haunt this republic for decades, and even generations. It is that by the end of his second term, many young minorities will have spent the entirety of their lives, or a good portion thereof, listening to a president exemplify the vice of dishonesty, instead of the virtue of honor. They will have been raised on the bitter herb of self-loathing for their own country as it was originally founded, and taught to use their minority status as a weapon against those who refuse them what they believe to be their entitlement of imposition on society.
     The deleterious effects visited upon the United States by Barack Obama go beyond a flaccid economy and impotent foreign policy. The real shame of his presidency is the fundamental way in which he has changed America. No longer is truth expected from the next generation, because it has been banished to the sewer of political expediency by this president and his sycophantic gnomes in the media, academia, and entertainment. And the young, even though they may not consciously study the politics of the day, are nonetheless influenced by it in their behavior and character.
     How many teens of the 1990s de-moralized oral sex because President Clinton had engaged in the activity in the Oval Office, one of the most sacred and reverent symbols of our nation's rectitude. Not unlike Mr. Clinton, Mr. Obama has dismissed all reverence and honor from the sentinel of our national pride. And it has been replaced with the dark, dreary, and dank rotting nothingness that is the asepticism of the Leftist ethos. This is the legacy bequeathed to a free and moral people by an empty and soulless president. 

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