Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Washington Redskin (Potatoes ?)

     Leftists like Barack Obama, and much of the modern Democrat party, sing the tired old refrain of separation of church and state whenever it suits their political agenda to deny Americans the freedom of their own religious conscience. Never mind that the concept is not contained within the bounds of the Constitution, and that these same Leftists do not apply it to their own religiosity.When it comes to the sacraments of their faith like abortion, climate change, and government imposed equality, they are more than happy to tighten the bounds between the state and the church of Leftism.
     A recent example is the Obama administration, through its Patent Office, cancelling the trademark registration of the professional football team, the Washington Redskins. You may remember that a few short weeks ago the tyrannical Senate of the United States of America sent a letter to the Redskins' ownership "requesting" they retire what they said was an offensive name. In typical Leftist fashion, this request came from white Democrats and not the alleged target of the offense, Native Americans. In fact, a recent poll completed by the Associated Press found that almost 80% of Native Americans were not offended by the Redskins name.
     Further evidence of the complete lack of interest among the Native American community for what a professional football team calls itself, was seen at a recent event to honor Navajo code talkers from World War II. Two of the honorees wore Redskins jackets. This issue is illustrative of the hubris and arrogance of the Left, thinking that offended persons are too stupid to know they should be offended, therefore they as the "enlightened" Leftist must use the power of government to force people to live by their twisted sense of right and wrong.
     The other issue that this blatant disregard for the Constitution illustrates is how bloated the federal government has gotten with its own authority, granting itself powers well outside the purview of the Constitution. It has been a growing concern for a handful of decades, but has accelerated beyond the stratosphere of the tenets of sensible self-government in recent years. The mission of the U.S. Patent Office is to provide for trademark protection, not determine the political morality of said trademark. That morality is determined by the people in a free society. But the people did not see this as an issue, and therefore the Leftist in government took upon themselves to impose their religious beliefs, informed by political correctness, on the nation founded on personal liberty and limited government.
     The Washington Redskins faced this same cancellation of their trademark in the late nineties and prevailed on appeal. My guess is they will do so this time as well. My advice to them, if they do not prevail, is to keep the name and change the logo on their helmets to an image of a redskin potato. That way they can not be seen as offending any group, unless the Leftists in government decide that vegetables are a protected class.

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