Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Race Card Is A Joker

     One of the favorite political ploys of Democrats is the employment of the Race Card. The functional use of which is based on the barbaric practice of slavery, ended by Republicans and the Christian Right 150 years ago. History matters little to Democrats, their intended political targets, or anyone else on the Left. What matters most is the Race Card's ability to verbally tar and feather anyone who opposes the imposition of their big government, liberty mitigating agenda designed to coral political power around themselves.
     The Race Card was first played by Democrats running against Abraham Lincoln in his bid for the presidency. They accused Honest Abe of having abolitionist sympathies to ruin any chance he had of garnering Southern votes. Back then, Democrats wore their racism proudly, not like today when they bury it under public policy that aims to convince blacks and whites that the former is incapable of achieving because of the latter. This necessitates the need for bigger federal programs designed to "level the playing field."
     The playing of the Race Card is easier for Democrats now that the only member of congress to have been a former member of the KKK, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, is deceased. The number of pretzels that Democrats from Senator Byrd himself to former President Bill Clinton, had to twist themselves into defending the good senator's racist past, would make Rold Gold jealous. Not to mention all the racist remarks made by Democrats from Harry Reid-"Barack is capable of slipping in and out of the negro dialect"- to Vice President Joe Biden-"Finally we have a clean, articulate black man we can run for president"- it is no wonder Democrats try to brand Republicans with the moniker of "racist" by employing the Race Card.
     Like they have done with the words rape, equality, sexist, and so many others, the Democrats have so expanded the definition of racism as to apply the term to anyone who disagrees with parts of their radical agenda that have nothing to do with the color of ones skin. And in so doing, the Race Card has become a joker. It is a placeholder to be used to represent any number of positions taken by those on the Left when they choose to have immunity from debate or close public inspection of their policies.
     I do not expect that Democrats will cease and desist from playing the Race Card anytime soon, essentially because it works. Until the mass of public opinion relegates the Race Card to the status of pariah on decent and moral public debate that it is, Democrats will continue to use it to try and rig the game of public policy in their favor. But the Democrats inability to defend their ideology without the bastardization of words like race, diminishes the unique tradition of American free speech and debate that the Founders of this great nation worked so hard to weave into the fabric of the free nation they created.

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