Thursday, August 21, 2014

And This Is What They Call Justice?

     This week the rioting and looting in Furguson, Missouri has abated, not from some kind of spiritual awakening on the part of the rioters and looters, but because of an increasing lack of merchandise to be looted and businesses to be destroyed. Additionally, the Washington Redskins players made complete donkeys of themselves by running onto the field before their game against the Cleveland Browns Monday night with their arms raised in symbolic solidarity with Michael Brown, whose actions would better elicit a show of solidarity by running onto the field of play assaulting a police officer.
     The Police in Furguson are trying to extricate themselves from between the rock of being too hard on rioters, thereby drawing the ire of the "social justice" crowd, and the hard place of not doing enough to protect local businesses and drawing the righteous indignation of the law and order crowd.  Meanwhile, President Obama is sending his courier, Eric Holder, to Furguson with further instructions for the enforcement arm of the Obama administration, i.e., The New Black Panther Party. These special instructions will, I am sure, include the next "community organizing" tactics developed by Saul Alinsky that he learned while studying at the knee of Al Capone.
     The exculpating reasoning that supports the criminal acts of the looters and rioters is that it is in response to a lack of "justice." But what justice is to be had for the community by eliminating businesses that serve it, the only businesses to which some in the community can travel. And what justice is served to those hard working business owners who have, in many cases, lost their life's work. Furthermore, what justice is served to the employees of those businesses, many of them from the neighborhood that has been transformed into a war zone by derelicts, who have now lost their only source of income. These business owners and their employees had nothing to do with the death of Michael Brown, but are being made to pay regardless.
     Finally, it is one of the cornerstones of Leftism to excuse criminal behavior by members of one of their constituency victim groups. The Lefts aversion to holding individuals responsible for their own criminal behavior, and the results thereof, encourages members of victim groups to think justice for the deceased is carried out along with a pair of sneakers, a flat screen TV, or cases of beer. Even the looters' slogan, "No Justice, no peace," assumes a premise in its first part which permits their criminal behavior that is defined by its second part.
     It is the mutilated and mangled justice of the Left that has driven the events in Furguson, Missouri the last week and a half. It is the bastardization of this virtue by political opportunists like our current president, who have victimized those they have kept poorly educated for their own political and financial gain. There are victims in the black community, but they are not victims of white police, white politicians, or "white privilege."  They are victims of the Leftist ideology that has failed over five decades to fulfill even one of its promises. They are victims of "community activists," who have enriched themselves by fanning the flames of racism and division. They are victims of each other by abandoning the principles of respect and decency just to gather in their arms as many pairs of Nikes as they can carry. And this is what they call justice?

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